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  1. CrazyGardevoir

    Olympus Season 5

    cannot wait
  2. CrazyGardevoir

    Earth Release

    manacube getting pretty fat
  3. CrazyGardevoir

    ManaPVP Season 11

  4. CrazyGardevoir

    [OUTDATED] Hades Hell Hound Drop Rate

    i have over 1.8k hades mob kills and still no leg drop, makes me sad
  5. CrazyGardevoir

    Proposed Gameplay Changes

    these do look pretty good, except kilton should also have a new title in it
  6. CrazyGardevoir

    Unoffical Issue/Bug Status List!

    i wonder what other issues will be found in the future
  7. CrazyGardevoir

    Which Greek God/Goddess Are You Like?

    hephaestus is bestus
  8. CrazyGardevoir

    Olympus Season 4

    im not particularly fond of the new spawners system but i am fine with everything else, cant wait
  9. CrazyGardevoir

    Best Pokémon

    me of course
  10. CrazyGardevoir

    Olympus: Collection of Info regarding the Reset

    i still have my kilton aura from season 2 though...
  11. CrazyGardevoir

    Stats of 2020

    people need to shut up about dream
  12. CrazyGardevoir

    Cubits Giveaway HALLOWEEN TREAT

    peepee poopoo
  13. CrazyGardevoir

    ENDED Legendary Keys Giveaway ENDED

    this seems old
  14. CrazyGardevoir

    7 Year Anniversary

    exciting stuff
  15. CrazyGardevoir

    Demon Fortress Update

  16. CrazyGardevoir

    Dacon Q&A

    this should be good
  17. CrazyGardevoir

    Survival Season 6

    about time the next season started