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  1. _AlvaroXI

    Collection Giveaway because of COLLEGE :(

    Best of luck in college dude! REMEMBER OLD FRIENDS! comeback soon _AlvaroXI
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    IGN: _AlvaroXI Disc: _alvaroxi <3
  3. _AlvaroXI

    Food Crate

  4. _AlvaroXI


    ign: _AlvaroXI dc: _alvaroxi <3 ilyall
  5. _AlvaroXI

    Pokèmon 2.0 Crate Concept

    can someone mute him
  6. _AlvaroXI

    Pokèmon 2.0 Crate Concept

  7. _AlvaroXI

    Pit trapping

    +1 trashguy
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    no ping, we don't do that like that, we kill each other whoever we are, many times we make the final party even without knowing the person who is left alive, we don't form a team to be able to fight among friends at the end, in fact it is not always done , but if we would like that when it...
  9. _AlvaroXI


    People who say that it is not allowed to do 2v2 or 3v3 in an lps when all the members agree to it in order to do it in a more fun way do not make sense, we have been asking for a party dueling system for a long time, it does not harm anyone that in an lps we decide to do a party fight.
  10. _AlvaroXI

    74 Crate Giveaway (edit 55 because crates are 6 cubits.)

    IGN: _AlvaroXI Disc: _AlvaroXI#9010 Server: Survival My favorite memory of 2022. was when its over :D @QD_iBlqzy @Fusionerr @JCDK_
  11. _AlvaroXI

    24 Crate Giveaway.

    IGN: _AlvaroX Discord: _AlvaroXI#9010 Server: Survival My favorite christmas memory was when when i found santa fighting with my cat, my cat won. @QD_iBlqzy @Fusionerr @jcody_parker
  12. _AlvaroXI

    Manacube 2022 Survival Giveaway

    _AlvaroXI _AlvaroXI#9010 y favourite chrismas memory is When I found Santa stuck in the chimney and stole all the gifts from the children in my neighborhood. friends: @Fusionerr @QD_iBlqzy @B3LONG420
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    IGN: _AlvaroXI Discord: _AlvaroXI#9010 why i still play: CUZ I LOVE ALL MY FRIENDS HERE ILYALL <3
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    Survival ideas/suggestions

    Agreed with all, good job Qd :D
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    _AlvaroXI _AlvaroXI#9010
  16. _AlvaroXI

    3 Cubits Giveaway

    _AlvaroXI Survival Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing <3
  17. _AlvaroXI

    Skyblock Season 11

    nice nice nice
  18. _AlvaroXI

    Cubits Giveaway

    IGN: _AlvaroXI Discord Name: _AlvaroXI#9010 Survival
  19. _AlvaroXI

    G0reds Departure

    My favourite thing about manacube is the capacity for entertainment that has generated me since I started playing, the good people I have met, and the ability to avoid real life problems. thanks for the giveaway and good luck in your life <3 dc: _AlvaroXI#9010