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  1. Killersans177

    Bye o/

  2. Killersans177

    400 cubit giveaway for my birthday

    Happy birthday :0
  3. Killersans177

    April 2024

    Is there a exact date for season 9?
  4. Killersans177

    Bacoow - QA Team Application [Survival]

    1+ also your profile picture looks like it has the words bacoo instead of bacoow bc the W got darkened
  5. Killersans177

    Metal Music Crate

    Decent crate idea but all the enchants need to be 7-8 not 3-5
  6. Killersans177

    Recommended SVA Armor Sets & Weapons?

    You messaged a over a year old post
  7. Killersans177

    Spring Festival 2024

    Must get those wings :O
  8. Killersans177

    PixelVal - A game I have been working on

    Looks great the graphics renind me of terraria
  9. Killersans177

    New crate idea: Bee Crate!!!

    Hope bee crate soon especially since its now nearly Easter and you have alot of votes and its almost 1# voted on ideas and feedback +1
  10. Killersans177

    Survival pvp pit needs to be fixed

    For no reason at all there is barrier blocks along the walls of pvp pit that have made me miss many shots with my bow and it didnt even get fully converted back to normal theres random parts of Christmas pit everywhere
  11. Killersans177

    Last Post Wins!

    Jesus how long has this post been going?
  12. Killersans177

    What one do u play on laptop, desktop or other

    I don't know what I play on honestly I sorta just ended up with my laptop all i know is it looks like a bomb hit it and that it could take another the screen is cracked and has black spot on it cover nearly half the screen there pieces of the case missing and it runs hotter then the sun yet...
  13. Killersans177

    Manacube is really dumb for not removing safe pit

    Pit and a drop inv arena should be kept separate but maybe have them both at spawn instead of having to go through a portal to get one
  14. Killersans177

    QA team?

    Hey just wondering what do QAteam do? Been seeing a bunch of them lately but no idea why
  15. Killersans177

    Crate idea: pirate

    Hey they made a pirate crate : D
  16. Killersans177

    Pirate Crate

    Glad it became a real crate :D