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  1. Panda9105

    SEPTEMBER 2023

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    Player-Locked TP Pads

    Okay so here me out on this one…. So for ppl who own public plots/player shops, i came up with the idea of TP pads that you can toggle which players can use them so you can have open tp pads for the ppl who run said shop/plot.
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    Lil Skies
  5. Panda9105

    Summer Festival 2023

    crab claw>>>
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    AUGUST 2023

  7. Panda9105

    Mythology Crate

    when does elite poll open?
  8. Panda9105

    This is only for rewards

    cubits are great
  9. Panda9105

    best memory on manacube?

    tell me your favorite memory/moment that you hve experienced playing Mana. curious to see
  10. Panda9105

    Build Wands/Trench Tools

    I think a feature thatd be cool is if on the trench tools and builder wands if you could right click with tool in hand and filter to what block(s) get placed/broken no matter what block you hit. if y’all have any feedback or tweaks I’m open :D
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    This is only for rewards

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    This is only for rewards

    woot woot
  13. Panda9105

    Private Fishing Pond

    Does anyone else put a chunk hopper with a chest next to their private fish pond to save inventory space, or am i just weird lmfao