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    Cant login anymore

    This is fixed now
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    April 2024

    | April Updates ➥ Spring Festival ➥ Bee Crate ➥ 60 other updates & bug fixes, view at or in Discord #updates channel | May Release Plans ➥ Survival Season 9 ➥ New leaderboard system MOD+ @VAL - Survival @JustAthenaxD - Survival @Hallowqueen - Olympus...
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    Spring Festival 2024

    ManaCube's 2nd annual Spring Festival has arrived! Use the portal at Hub or type /festival to join RELEASE DATE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17TH This year has all new activities, events & rewards to unlock! Doors remain open until June 24, 2024. These minigame events take place at scheduled times...
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    March 2024

    | March Updates ➥ Islands Season 7 ➥ Pirate Crate ➥ /Itemflip ➥ In-Game Polls ➥ 42 other updates, view at or in Discord #updates channel | April Release Plans ➥ Spring Festival ➥ Survival S9 Beta ➥ New leaderboard & payout system for all realms ➥ Lots of necessary...
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    Islands Season 7

    Release Date: March 23rd @ 2:00PM EST ! Make sure you vault your SVA items before this time ! Latest Minecraft version (1.20.4) with latest ManaCube features Wolfhaven Revamp Fungo Speedrun Tasks & Shop Adamant Forge Great Wolf & Mana Golem Boss Minion Revamp Task Board added New...
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    Magic dust to star

    Combine them in a 2x2 grid
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    February 2024

    | February Updates ➥ Ancient Trials Revamp ➥ Valentines Crate ➥ Quality Assurance Team & Server Created ➥ New Webstore Released ➥ 63 other updates, view at or in Discord #updates channel | March Release Plans ➥ Islands Season 7 ➥ New Lifesteal Gamemode ➥ In-game...
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    Commands in combat

    Added thanks for suggestion
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    Accepted Emojis on forums

  10. Dacon

    Ancient Trials Revamp

    Sending 50 cubits to first person that posts a victory screenshot in this thread
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    Happy New Year! December 2023

    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you all for continuing to play our servers, and to our generous patrons and dedicated staff team - You are the heart beat keeping ManaCube alive and strong, and we're incredibly grateful ‪‪❤︎‬ We may have wandered a bit off our path this year, but i'm proud of how it...
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    Next Survival Reset.

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    Skyblock Season 12

    ELITE Beta: December 8th RELEASE DATE: DECEMBER 10TH @ 3:00PM EST What Resets: Islands, Inventories, Currencies, Skills, Most stats What is kept: Rank, Cubits, Season Vault, Unlocked Perks Wolfhaven has been revamped with an entire new world, monsters, NPCs, event bosses & more! | New...
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    Haunted Hub Update

    HALLOWEEN FESTIVAL AT THE HUB The Hub has transformed into a haunted realm! Lasting until November 4th. Check out the array of spine-chilling activities and spooktacular rewards up for grabs ️ GHOST HUNT CHALLENGE 45 ghosts are hiding around the Hub, each one you find will reward you with...
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    Breakfast, lunch, dinner x 7 = 21

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner x 7 = 21
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    Creative Worlds Update

    Creative Beta Creative beta for ELITE players is opening today (In 1 hour) It is packed with features to help your creativity. Worlds/builds will remain as they are after the beta, but we may have to make adjustments or possible resets to other things like mana. To join, type /beta Public...
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    Make server resource pack optional

    The server is scary without a resource pack Btw incase you didn't know, you can still use your own resource pack to replace vanilla textures
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    10 Year Anniversary

    Wow time flies, doesn’t it? We’ve been on this block game journey for a decade now. From our humble beginnings as MineVast, to the vast network it became. It’s been such an exciting experience with so many memories, thanks to our amazing community. To celebrate 10 Years we've released a...
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    Summer Festival 2023

    The Summer Festival world is now open on the following realms! Survival, Olympus, Skyblock, Earth, Factions, Islands, Parkour Enter the portal at spawn, or use /warp festival to get there Parkour Festival: Head over to the Festival Shop to spend your sea shells! Or type /shellshop...