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    Guess the number - Win Cubits

    40, 43, 45
  2. <Inktest>

    The Death of Mapmaking

    The main point was you annoyed some people, I just mentioned sophia because it's the case I'm most familiar with. That is good, the main point of posting map threads publicly is so the community, regardless of whether they play parkour or not, can give their opinion and express how they feel...
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    The Death of Mapmaking

    So don't give them? No one is forcing you to reply to every post for some internet points, which by the quality of your posts are close to worthless, it's like playing an afk tycoon game and saying you are pretty good at it. Let's do some quick calculations, you started farming posts...
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    Player Appreciation Checkpoint!

    @sophiaaah <3 sophiaaah smelly 1692824182 Apart from the previously mentioned friend who I don't dare to name again @JustAthenaxD - Creative mod+ (didn't forget the + this time), pretty chill, likes rubiks cubes, cons: we didn't finish legoland @CheesyPeanutXL - My helper buddy, did the...
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    MMA Aspiring Mappers Fund

    It's just a lil incentive for people to build maps, 1 month ago there was only 1 map accepted, and this month only 6, when it used to be a way higher rate. People who fund this are anyone who wants to, let that be because mana is a side thing for them, or just to chip in into map making; but we...
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    MMA Aspiring Mappers Fund

    Long ago, the staff would give you mana for creating maps, however this was dropped, and I want to bring it back. From now on, every map that gets accepted will get 2004 mana, distributed between the creators equally. (The amount of mana may increase if 2000 is seen to be a low value) I will...
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    Accepted Rainbow Ride - Dropper

    Creators: Inktest, Relishh, doobix Difficulty: Med? idk droppers difficulties pls help play in 1.12.2 /plot v rr
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    Accepted pls play in 1.12, it's concrete not wool

    Name: CascadeKingdom Difficulty: Medium Builder: Inktest Jumps: 34 /plot v cascadekingdom
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    Community Judges: Player Interest

    I'll also chip into consideration, I can always help with some map judging, the experience I have judging may be useful too. This way I can also finish and give some ideas I didn't have time to while staff
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    Community Judges: Player Interest

    so a pick me girl? idk hayley, that seems like good proof that she's not fit
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    the mods are unfair and justice for me

    even before
  12. <Inktest>

    the mods are unfair and justice for me

    no no fr, I had a big laugh with how you responded to catcheee
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    the mods are unfair and justice for me

    @ForgeConway you're a legend
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    20k Mana Giveaway

    You have won the 20k mana giveaway, congratulations ✨️ ✨️ ✨️ ✨️ ✨️ Please redeem the prize doing /promote in Parkour!!!
  15. <Inktest>

    Rejected CascaceKingdom - Miedum

    34 jummps pltos acllocaotedo at /plot v cascadekingdom dofifuclty mmdium by ink
  16. <Inktest>

    Accepted Null Island - Easy Builder: Inktest Warp: /plot v Inktest 11 Jumps: 30
  17. <Inktest>

    Accepted Regieleki - Medium

    Builders: choosm, Inktest Warp: /plot v Inktest 10
  18. <Inktest>

    Accepted Captain Underpants - Medium

    Hey Jacob! Your map has been accepted! Thanks for making the changes asked Have a nice day!
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    Rejected NeoParadise - Insane map

    Hey! I'm sorry to say your map has been rejected The theme is unoriginal, as there are already big block maps The build could be better, it's floaty, not connected and all and lacks detail The parkour is a bit inconsistent in difficulty, and annoying at parts, as well as repetitive as most of...
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    Rejected Palm Islands: Medium

    Hey Sunny! I'm sorry to say your map has been rejected The theme of the map is unoriginal, as there are already maps about islands. The build could have some more detail, and making it appear less floaty would make it look better The parkour is too easy for a medium, and could use a bit more...