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  1. nple

    400 cubit giveaway for my birthday

  2. nple

    Ban Appeal

    can i get my ban removed
  3. nple

    Cubit Giveaway

    1st. GamerMagnusDK 2nd. SSM 3rd. Igor_hehe ill msg you on discord to properly get you your cubits
  4. nple

    Cubit Giveaway

    we are back on track to the drawing being at 3pm 1712352443 dont fuckin listen to me itll be like 4pm maybe I gotta go to the pet store
  5. nple

    Cubit Giveaway

    technical difficulties i cant login to Manacube, I also gotta hit the vet at 1pm so if the drawing is late. I'm not sorry I got a mf kitten and that takes priority
  6. nple

    Cubit Giveaway

    read how to enter and edit your reply you walnut
  7. nple

    Cubit Giveaway

    Hello all, this is the first time im doing this, but I thought since I have so many cubits I thought I'd give away some of them. It's not gonna be a lot only a solid 50 in total. 1st. 25 cubits 2nd 15 cubits 3rd 10 cubits if you would calmly and very orderly put down your discord handles as...
  8. nple

    Elimination Giveaway

    nple Olympus
  9. nple

    Winter Festival Elf Locations

  10. nple


    IGN: nple Discord: nple. <3
  11. nple

    Christmas Crate

  12. nple

    10 Year Anniversary

    I'm sorry dossy-poo please forgive me
  13. nple

    10 Year Anniversary

    Oldly server, joined back in late 2016-2017 fav memory by far is either opening arcade or freedom crate when they launched. Happy 10 yrs penguin man
  14. nple

    Taylor Swift Crate

    its fire so i have to agree
  15. nple

    Pixar Crate

  16. nple

    Easter Crate

    nice now gib
  17. nple

    Sooo thoughts on the rewards?

  18. nple

    ManaCube Rewards

    whoa free cubits, don't mind if I do!
  19. nple


  20. nple

    DECEMBER 2022

    coolio :)