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  1. Mr. cobble

    Fools Crate

    Goodluck yall!
  2. Mr. cobble

    moore_awa - QA Team Application [Earth]

    Your Minecraft Username moore_awa Discord username mr.cobble What is the main realm you play on Earth When did you start playing on ManaCube and what does your activity look like? I had an account before (like around 3 years ago), which is named 'Zeonae', and I used to play in...
  3. Mr. cobble

    10 Year Anniversary

    I joined in 2021 starting from Parkour, then joined Earth season 2 in 9th March 2022. I met many friends in this great server. Luv this server :D
  4. Mr. cobble

    Earth Build Comp-Player Run

    Hope forward to seeing yours!!
  5. Mr. cobble

    Earth Build Comp-Player Run

    Thank you! I would say thats the most beautiful building i’ve built in Minecraft.
  6. Mr. cobble

    Earth Build Comp-Player Run

    Since no one is posting, so imma be the first one to post it here! ~Built by moore_awa Size: 31 blocks(length) x 28 blocks(width) x 23 blocks(height) Coordinates: x: -7767; y: 66; z: 976 *Crying obsidian is to mark the area, not the part of the building *Doors are opened
  7. Mr. cobble

    Retro Crate

    Good luck to everyone!!!
  8. Mr. cobble

    Factions | A New Beginning

    Cool update! Look forward to see everyone in Factions!
  9. Mr. cobble

    Wild Crate

    woooooo Good Luck to everyone!!!
  10. Mr. cobble

    Art Comp Voting is Open Now!

    Good luck to everyone! :D
  11. Mr. cobble

    Olympus Season 6

    Would be a cool update!
  12. Mr. cobble

    Earth is finally back online!!!

    Thanks for xDacon and admins!!! Luckily there is no major rollback :D
  13. Mr. cobble

    [CLOSED] PvP Zone Build Competition

    Discord: Mr. cobble#8029 Location: -7762, 67, 987 Picture: The Four Colours(Kingdoms)
  14. Mr. cobble

    [Question] Who do you think is the greatest Earth player ever?

    In my opinion, these are the best players: 1. SkyDieGame The best town leader I have ever seen, and I guess he is the only staff that doesn’t ignore players xD. Also Sky built me a whole grinder :D. I would say he is the best player! 2. Pete3e I would say Pete would be like an ATM! When my...
  15. Mr. cobble

    How do I get coloured writing on signs?

    Heya if you want coloured writing on your signs, check out this website: for the ' § ' just type ' & ' :D
  16. Mr. cobble

    A Job For All Earth Players :>

    nah thanks, I need the creeper mob head
  17. Mr. cobble

    A Job For All Earth Players :>

  18. Mr. cobble

    A Job For All Earth Players :>

    I need this for banners :)
  19. Mr. cobble

    A Job For All Earth Players :>

  20. Mr. cobble

    A Job For All Earth Players :>

    The first player who gets me a creeper head will be rewarded 50k :) If you get the creeper head, feel free to dm me through discord :) OR msg me when Im online :) (might need to msg me several times cuz I might not see the messages :) )