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  1. Lunarieen

    Hello Everybody!

    Hiya Jushua, I hope you like the server we call home
  2. Lunarieen


    If I had to choose, I would go with Breaking Bad.
  3. Lunarieen

    Color codes

    Well, I thank you for bringing this to us. I will use it later to the best of my ability.
  4. Lunarieen


    Pineapple belongs on Pizza. I absolutely love it
  5. Lunarieen

    Closed- Global rank/blackmarket/Event key Giveaway

    IGN - Lunarieen Discord - Lunarieen#7575 Server - No server on here that is applicable
  6. Lunarieen


    I really love The Office. The part that I love is when Dwight gets all his supplies stuck in Jello or inside the Vending Machine.
  7. Lunarieen

    Chwan's Introduction

    Hello Slqin, I saw you on the fourms yesterday and I hope you will have the best time here and I hope to see you again soon in one of the other servers
  8. Lunarieen


    I don't think I have ever seen those before. Maybe because I am an anime watcher I will try and see if I can find those and watch them. Thanks for the recommedation <3
  9. Lunarieen

    How is everyone?

    Its true. Anywho, I hope you feel better [if you are still in pain]
  10. Lunarieen

    The new look to Manacube website.

    Huh, I always thought it looked like this Who knew :p
  11. Lunarieen


    What my pick would be is either Castlevania or Pokemon I just love both of them
  12. Lunarieen

    How is everyone?

    I have been doing fine. [This post might be late] Anywho, anyone who is feeling bad, I hope they become well soon It is just life toughening you up for what is to come. So anyways, I hope everyone will be safe.
  13. Lunarieen


    Well, thats allergies for you. What I do is I take a hot shower and when I am finished, go into a cold room The Temperature change can usually break a stuffy nose [for a small bit]
  14. Lunarieen

    what if

    That could be true. What if life is just minecraft with Resource Packs that look like Real life but it isn't But if Real life is Minecraft...What is real life
  15. Lunarieen

    what if

    What if Minecraft is Real life but Real life is just Minecraft with a Texture Pack
  16. Lunarieen

    what if

    ... Thats deep But hey, we got Pokemon
  17. Lunarieen

    what if

    What if you lived upside down?
  18. Lunarieen

    I have finished three layers of my build. I don't know how far a plot goes but I am currently...

    I have finished three layers of my build. I don't know how far a plot goes but I am currently standing at -14918 on the Z Axis and gradually going lower. Wish me luck
  19. Lunarieen

    Grieks's Introduction

    Hiya Greiks, I am a creative builder and I go by many names. I hope to see you around and remember to have fun with us on ManaCube