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  1. Dynsalir

    NEW Creative Grading

    GRADING REVAMP Its about god-damn time that we did some work on the ancient grading plugin. With this new system players will be able to follow along with the process of their submission so that they're informed every step of the way. Submitting a plot is the same always. Simply type /submit...
  2. Dynsalir

    Important New Application Info & Requirements [NEED TO KNOW]

    Hey everyone, We've overhauled how our entire staff application process is handled. All staff applications will now be displayed publicly for all community members to see and reply to. We've also changed up some of the questions that we ask to get a better understanding of you as an individual...
  3. Dynsalir

    Important Reporting A Bug

    Our new global bug report system has simplified the reporting process. Just click the 'Report A Bug' button and fill out the report form. Once you press submit, your bug report will be posted, in format, to a new thread. Please also note that your thread will remain 'Awating Moderation' so...
  4. Dynsalir

    The New Adventure Update: SB & Survival Revamp, MineVast changing name

    Hey Kazuki.. You realise its only just a name, right? You'll still be playing the same server simply with a different name and logo. If that is enough for you to leave and find somewhere new to play then by all means by my guest. However you're the one who said you came here for the Parkour not...
  5. Dynsalir

    The New Adventure Update: SB & Survival Revamp, MineVast changing name

    Hey, like with all our server resets everything will be wiped on SB/Survival - this includes inventories, balance, enderchests and all other data. There wouldn't be much point in a reset if players kept items! Just think of the fun you'll have with friends working to become the best on the...
  6. Dynsalir

    owner rank

    Lets all bow down to our new Overlord Lehopi! Please accept my upvote as a show of loyalty to your cause.
  7. Dynsalir

    Upcoming Build for MineVast!

    Hey Vanillish, Names are required, just like in our staff application form, so that I'm able to address you by name. We're simply asking for you name, it isnt a huge invasion of your privacy, considering this is an age were we order strangers online to pick us up in their cars... haha. I'd...
  8. Dynsalir

    Upcoming Build for MineVast!

    Hey Guys! We're currently looking for a group of talented builders to help on a medium scale project that requires a new build. This is your chance to get your building skills recognised by the server and community (your heads will be placed somewhere in the build). More details will be...
  9. Dynsalir

    Important Introducing: Mythics

    This halloween the mobs have a gift for you... Introducing Mythics all new collectables on MineVast For the next week mobs within Survival will be dropping Trick-or-Treat pumpkins. Opening these pumpkins will give you the chance of getting some pretty cool treats or some terrible tricks. To...
  10. Dynsalir

    Help, can't play survival

    Hi Dr3c0summoner, I apologise that it has taken this long for someone to look into the issue that you're having. I will dedicate some time later tonight to find out what exactly is causing the issue and then fix your account. If you would be so kind as to start a conversation with me on the...
  11. Dynsalir

    Important Report a Staff Member

    We've created a new simplified way for you, our players, to report staff members. This subforum will only be seen by Admins. We will try our best to keep your report anonymous so that you can feel safe when reporting a member of our staff team. We treat all staff reports seriously and will do...
  12. Dynsalir

    July Top Voters, SOTM & Promotions

    Hey everyone! I'd like to start by thanking everyone who has been voting this month, it really does help a lot. But without further ado: Top Voters of July Congratulations to @Z_raid @conner0714 and @TENNK001 on being this months top 3 voters - you all will be receiving a LEGACY Rank...
  13. Dynsalir

    Rant about Skyblock contest today

    Thats because you are acting very immaturely and so was your friend when he was spewing his racist remarks. Yes there was an oversight with this event - this was the first time it was ran so problems were to be expected. Events, just like everything else, improve the more they're worked on...
  14. Dynsalir

    My privacy is at RISK

    Hi Cloudliing, Unfortunately that is not a thing that we are able to do for you. When you log into any website or game server, minecraft or otherwise, you are doing so with you IP. Your IP is then stored in that servers logs. Only a very select few can see your IP address and if you're unhappy...
  15. Dynsalir

    Barebones Balance Update

    Barebones and KitPvP are two completely different gametypes. One is based on equality balance (and your pvp skill) and the other is based on being the most OP kid on the block... they cant be combined. I think most people prefer Barebones because they arent being killed by impossible to beat...
  16. Dynsalir

    Chat filter #MakeMVGreatAgain

    That is always a possibility. But only if the community can improve while the filter is in place - to point where allowing them to toggle the filter wont have them revert back to how they where. If it was toggle-able currently then it would defeat the whole purpose of having it put in place.
  17. Dynsalir

    Chat filter #MakeMVGreatAgain

    Hey Hydra, I wasn't going to reply but then I saw your shit about freedom of speech and I just wanted to clarify a few things. This server is not a United States server. It is hosted in Canada and run by a Canadian and an Irishman. Your freedoms don't apply. If you actually take the time to...
  18. Dynsalir

    MV Survey, Q&A, Listening to the community!

    Factions has never once been worked on since it was shut down, not sure where you got that from. We have said we'll possibly start working on it once Olympus was out of the way. "I sense some serious BS from the staff" - Why would it benefit us to say that its being worked on? If we had...
  19. Dynsalir

    BareBones PVP

    Hey there! While I like your enthusiasm, maybe you should wait until the server is released and you know how it plays before making suggestions. Just a thought! - Dylan
  20. Dynsalir

    MV Survey, Q&A, Listening to the community!

    It wasn't 'quit'. Its slowly being worked on in the background behind everything else we have going on. I believe I've said this before but we're waiting on content, which is out of our hands, being finished for it which is why we're unable to release.