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  1. Cedis

    New Skyblock Realm - S7 Legends - Expanding - Bug Fixes

    Omfg my wedding plot xD ;)
  2. Cedis

    Creative Revamp Information

    well since there's gonna be a revamp, ill try to aim for an A
  3. Cedis

    Closed- Global rank/blackmarket/Event key Giveaway

    cedis discord; u know my discord server; parkour prize; (I DO NOT WANT RANK UPGRADE) 4 summer keys
  4. Cedis

    Chwan's Introduction

    hi im here saying hello to a person.. am i being social enough mom?
  5. Cedis

    What is your favorite part about survival?

    I love that we can build where ever we please, provided it's not claimed, spawn, or directly next to a claim.
  6. Cedis

    Color codes

    Thank you for posting this! Although I know all the codes, sometimes I do forget 1 or 2 of them. This is useful, thank you again!
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  8. Cedis

    What are your favorite servers and why?

    I'd have to say Olympus overall. In general, I love to grind out on different prison servers ever since Jungkie (now Paehper) invited me to join the Olympus server.
  9. Cedis

    Heeeee's and Ranged's giveway, OVER DO NOT ENTER

    u remember me hi @Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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    Post your last Ctrl + V

  13. Cedis

    The Fall of Manacube

    /updates and update tab r nice but how r we supposed to know whats being worked on like we're clueless, stuck without fixed, we all think devs r lazy cuz u have to spam their dms to even get a response that they're actually working..
  14. Cedis

    What happened to the daily history posts..

    What happened to the daily history posts..
  15. Cedis

    The Fall of Manacube

    I agree certain things can't be announced but if there was a way to view the things being working on that aren't confidential, such as fixing trench, then we should be informed like on a new page or whatever ranking like progress of each update or whatever, and if anything is confidential, like...
  16. Cedis

    The Fall of Manacube

    .. I agree, I made a suggestion thing to have a list of all the unlisted rules or whatever. Like I got yelled at to change my Nick cuz it wasn't allowed and it was literally a 1 letter Nick. They told me it's against one of the many rules not on forums. Like what you mean