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  1. xSemo

    Favorite things from s2

    Kilton o:
  2. xSemo

    Rejected Rainbow Explosion - Katmore

    Hey Katmore! Just got done with your map! It's really cute and fun but there are some major issues you need to adjust: 》Although the build is cute and well made, the theme isn't that original. There are various "rainbow" maps and map judges like to have variety in the map pool. 》Your build has...
  3. xSemo

    Rejected MovieQuest - Hard

    Correct, it really isn't that big of a deal if they fall off the map. Almost all maps are like that and the barriers just really annoy map judges haha.
  4. xSemo

    Rejected The Parkour Items - Medium

    Hey Fercitoo, Just got finished with your map, it was fun going through it. I've already spoken to you in-game about what you need to fix but I'll reiterate them here incase you need them again: 》You have some floating jumps in the map and map judges don't really like that, try to keep your...
  5. xSemo

    Rejected iTzVeso Map Submissions Thread.

    Yo iTzVeso, I just finished with your map, there are a bunch of flaws but overall it was a fun map. 》When making a parkour map, map judges look at multiple aspects of the map and decide from there how to judge your map. Unfortunately, your map has a lot of negative aspects: ---》There isn't...
  6. xSemo

    Rejected MovieQuest - Hard

    Wassup GamersDecision, I tried out your map, and it was pretty fun. However there are some flaws that need to be addressed: 》The first thing I noticed when I tp'd to your map was the amount of barriers. I feel like covering the entire map with it is unnecessary, and map judges don't really like...
  7. xSemo


    Just for some clarification; Will the legends be something like a top three of each category, or is it just the top player? Or perhaps the top three will receive the gold star and the top one player will be awarded the statue as well as the star? Also, will infinity chests be able to be...
  8. xSemo

    Accepted Goku [Hard]

    There are only a handful of floating jumps. The blue and yellow stained glass on the bottom is supposed to be his 'aura' while he's powering up, which is a common theme in the Dragon Ball series.
  9. xSemo

    Rejected Spawn [Easy]

    Lmaoooo thanks axe, I gotchu with the head don't worry :cool:
  10. xSemo

    Accepted Burger King [Medium]

    Hey thanks for the feedback, I patched up the cheat and decorated the interior more. I also added a few more jumps on the outside.
  11. xSemo

    Accepted Poke Stadium [Expert]

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate it :D
  12. xSemo

    Rejected Spawn [Easy]

    Map creator: xSemo Map name: Spawn Photos: Plot: /plot v xSemo 12 or /plot v 33;-61 Difficulty: Easy Jumps: 33
  13. xSemo

    Accepted Poke Stadium [Expert]

    Map creator: xSemo Map name: Poke Stadium Photos: Plot: /plot v xSemo 11 or /plot v 34;-61 Difficulty: Expert Jumps: 84
  14. xSemo

    Accepted Burger King [Medium]

    Haha yeah, I originally was making a McDonalds map and only realized after I've finished it that there already was one, so I switched it up to Burger King. I'll test it out with the clay and see how it looks, thanks for the feedback :D
  15. xSemo

    Accepted Burger King [Medium]

    Map creator: xSemo Map name: Burger king Photos: Plot: /plot v xSemo 10 or /plot v 35;-61 Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 34
  16. xSemo

    Accepted Goku [Hard]

    Inspired by the Dragon Ball character "Goku". Map creator: xSemo Map name: Goku Photos: Plot: "/plot v xSemo 9" or "/plot v 36;-61" Difficulty: Hard Jumps: 69
  17. xSemo

    Rejected Creek [Insane]

    I appreciate the feedback, I tried to add more signs and carpet to make the path more viewable. That first jump is possible, you need to gather momentum! If you wouldn’t mind showing me where the skips are so I could patch em up that’d be appreciated :)
  18. xSemo

    Rejected Cove [Medium]

    Username: xSemo Map name: Cove Photos: Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 49
  19. xSemo

    Rejected Addison Apartments - Hard

  20. xSemo

    Rejected Grand Father Clock // Insane

    Map is well built and the parkour is really fun. +1 :D