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  1. Wilbo

    So i think im quitting lol

    Oh hey, didn't see you there So i have no purpose on Skyblock anymore since i got kicked and its hard to make any money now. If I get an opportunity to come back and be reinvited to the island or join one again next season then i might try playing again. I feel like this servers become toxic i...
  2. Wilbo

    so i'm back from my break

    So I've been focusing on fortnite , I'm very glad to see how skyblock still isn't back up. I tried to change my name on forums and if it wasnt hard enough before its literally impossible now. If you find out how to do it you will get erm. A memer of the month award from me. I know it was pretty...
  3. Wilbo

    Island members

    I'm looking for people to join my island next season Requirements Well known be active have discord not annoying that's all if interested message me on discord or on forums Discord: Dogecoin#0418
  4. Wilbo

    Wilbo introduction

    Even though I've played on the server for almost a year I thought I'd still make this for the people who don't know me. My name is WilboShakespeare but I like to be called Wilbo. I got the name from a joke my friend made when we were studying William Shakespeare in english and he said Wilbo...
  5. Wilbo

    yeet title

    pls make yeet title to buy on the store
  6. Wilbo

    Prices after reset

    The economy before reset always fluctuates and people raise prices since they have more money. Since I am one of the main cubit buyers it's always frustrating to see new players selling cubits for way over price and other things as well. Here are the main prices for mainstream items. Books leg...
  7. Wilbo

    buying cubits

    sell your cubits to me or for 25k at warp crate which belongs to my island member.
  8. Wilbo

    future giveaway ideas

    since the last giveaway I did went quite smoothly and I didn't have to redraw any prizes or have any problems, I thought id make another but the items are unsure yet and this is the point of why I'm making this post. I wanted to make the way you could enter easier you could say. instead of...
  9. Wilbo

    For those who can't break hoppers

    This is a frequently asked question and all you have to do is shift and break.I have no idea why you have to shift but that's what you have to do.Hopefully, this is changed in reset.
  10. Wilbo

    ads don't work (answer poll)

    answer the poll and comment if dacon should finally acknowledge the community and try do something about(he probably wont)
  11. Wilbo

    Was the spring bundle good or bad?

    Since its near to the end of the spring bundle, i thought this would be the best time to make a review on it. As someone who has most of the items, I can say myself that it was one of the best ones so far. Most events only had 1 admin item. This one had 3. As someone who is a pvper on the...
  12. Wilbo

    Giveaway winners

    The giveaway has ended and the winners below have 1 week to contact me or log onto the server when I'm on and claim their prize. If not claimed their prizes will be redrawn. jkire 2.5mil claimed ZCwarrior_Chloe 2.5 mil claimed MangoB0y 2.5 mil claimed C_H_L_O_E 2.5 mil claimed Phenoixia 5 mil...
  13. Wilbo


    On Sunday 17th June 4 pm GMT I will be doing a giveaway for 20 mil in parts of 2.5 mil 1 ancient key and one sword containing sharpness 5 unbreaking 3 knockback 2 fire aspect 2 looting 3 viper 1 rage 2 headless 2 snare 4 To enter all you have to do is msg me ingame or on discord which is...
  14. Wilbo

    Razer mouse sensitivity bug fix

    So for the past few months, i have had a sensitivity problem where it would change my sensitivity to something random each time i play Minecraft, i found a few temp fixes but i have now found the permanent fix. open razer synapse go to your mouse click stats...