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  1. ChocBar

    Finished Horse Races Saturday October 20th 2018

    HAYlloween Horse Races Saturday October 20th 2018 1:00 PM CST/ 2:00 p.m. EST /7:00 PM BST And the winners were: Round 1: Muteya doublesmash01 xdelicate Round 2: BiBiBaBiBoBi, IcedAedqn, Joeyism Round 3: Faudon, Keya1994 bas22boy The HORRORses are rested, the track has been BOOtified and the...
  2. ChocBar

    Finished Parkour Tournament

    Parkour Tournament Saturday October 6th As ManaCube leaps into its sixth year, Parkour Staff will be hosting a Parkour Tournament based on courses from the past. The tournament will involve four courses. The top finishers of each race will move on to the next round until a winner is declared...
  3. ChocBar

    Finished Rainbow Road - Ice Sledding

    Please join us for "Rainbow Road" where players race on a colorful and icy course while riding in boats. The course is difficult and there are no barriers to keep you from falling off. However, you will return to the start line so you can try again until the winners cross the finish line. And...
  4. ChocBar

    Finished Survival Drop Party

    Saturday April 14th 2:00 pm EST Sorry for the short notice, but we will be having an amazing drop party tomorrow Saturday April 14th! We will be dropping spawners, blocks, weapons, tools, enchanted books, and who knows, maybe even a rank upgrade. Please join us for the fun. All times are...
  5. ChocBar

    Finished Pig Races Sunday January 28th, 2018

    Something PIG is coming to HamaCube: Pig Racing. So don't be a boar. Join us on Sunday at 2 oinkclock (EST). It will be sow much fun. You don't have to be an Einswine to win. Missing this event would be despigable!
  6. ChocBar

    Finished Pictures with Santa

    Saturday December 9th 2:00 p.m. EST Put on your best Christmas outfit and join Santa and his elves for a one-of-a-kind photo with Santa. Dacon will be putting on his Santa Suit and posing for "Pictures with Santa". The warp will be announced in game before the event. Please note that due to...
  7. ChocBar

    Horse Races!

    Horse Racing Saturday October 21st 2017 2:00 p.m. ET The Staff Team has planned some FANGtastic events for Halloween. The race track has been BOOtified and the HORRORses are rested. But it will take more than WITCHful thinking, you will need DEADication to win. Please join us. It would be a...
  8. ChocBar

    Skyblock Hide And Seek

    Halloween Hide & Seek Hosted By Staff Saturday October 7th 2:00 p.m. EST Please join us for a faBOOlous Halloween Event on Skyblock. Staff will be hosting Hide and Seek games! Watch for details in game.
  9. ChocBar

    Ongoing Weekly Build Contest

    Hosted By Creative Staff The Creative Staff team plans to host weekly Build Competitions. The theme will vary and will be announced in game. Times The events will typically be held on Fridays. The time will vary from 5:00-5:30 PM EST. Watch for broadcasts in game for details each week. *Due...
  10. ChocBar

    Finished Skyblock Drop Party Today

    Saturday August 5th 2:00 pm EST Sorry for the short notice, but we will be having an amazing drop party today! We will be dropping spawners, blocks, weapons, armor, tools, enchanted books, and who knows, maybe even a rank upgrade. Please join us for the fun.
  11. ChocBar

    Finished Survival Drop Party!

    Drop Party Saturday June 24th 2:00 EST (check your time here) Join us for another awesome Drop Party ... this time on Survival. We will have spawners, weapons, armor, diamonds, gold, emeralds and much, much more. We also plan to drop staff heads. -- The ManaCube Staff Team
  12. ChocBar

    Finished An Archery Event

    Archery Competition Saturday May 6th 2 p.m. EST (check your time here) Join us on the /Event server for a contest to find the best archers in ManaCube. And the winners were: xMel_ red_fire_foxy Whiskerando Feenx1
  13. ChocBar

    Finished Whisky Business - A Cooking/Crafting Contest

    Mark your COLANDER Saturday April 15th, 2017 2 pm Eastern It’s THYME for another Cooking Event and that means another CHEESY Event announcement. Don’t worry, this time the puns will be GRATE! This Saturday we will TURNIP the BEET and get cooking. If you have never BEAN to an event, this is...
  14. ChocBar

    Finished Something Fishy

    Something Fishy Is Going On Saturday March 25th 3:00 PM EST check your time here FINally, the opporTUNAty you have been waiting for! Staff will be hosting the First oFISHial Fishing Tournament. We are not SQUIDDING. This will DOLPHINately be a good time. You don’t have to be an angler to...
  15. ChocBar

    Finished Love Notes

    Looking for Love A Forums Contest Valentine’s Day will soon be here, and ManaCube’s most eligible bachelor is ready to give up the single life. That’s right, Dacon is looking for love on the forums. If you are interested in becoming Dacon’s partner on Creative please post below why you...
  16. ChocBar

    Finished Ice Breaker Event

    A ManaCube Ice Breaker Saturday January 28th 2:00 pm EST (check your time here) The cold weather have you feeling ICE-olated? Friends giving you the COLD SHOULDER? SNOW problem! Take some time this weekend to CHILL OUT at the first ever Manacube ICE BREAKER event. Each contestant will be...
  17. ChocBar

    Finished Sumotori January 15th

    Sumotori Sunday January 15th Join us for our first ever Sumotori event. Players will compete on three platforms to determine the Sumotori winner. Each contestant will be given a stick to knock the other players out of the arena. Last player standing wins. Who: The first 20 players to sign up...
  18. ChocBar

    Finished December 3rd Build Competition

    Congrats to the winner ... Vanillish Thanks to all who participated. There were some great winter builds. Build Competition Saturday December 3rd 2:00 p.m. EST check your time here Competitors who do not arrive at least 10 minutes before the event may be disqualified. The Competition: 1...
  19. ChocBar

    Ongoing Parkour and Seek!

    Parkour and Seek JOINED BY PARKOUR STAFF! The parkour staff plan to host games of “Hide and Seek” on the Parkour Servers. Prizes will be given and the courses will vary. Each round of Hide and Seek will usually be 1-3 games. Times Monday with noctqrns (about 8:00 PM EST) Tuesdays with...
  20. ChocBar

    Finished Survival Drop Party Saturday

    Survival Drop Party! Saturday November 26th 2:00 p.m. EST/7:00 p.m. UK To check the time in your area click here Join us for a drop party on Survival! Staff heads, spawners, spawn eggs, enchanted swords, silk touch picks and much, much more will be dropped. Rules: Players flying during the...