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  1. BlueRaspberries

    Favorite Candy Bar

    In spirit of the halloween season, I'm curious to see what everyones favorite candy bar is. Honestly, mine changes a lot, but would love to hear what is your favorite. Mine is currently butterfinger.
  2. BlueRaspberries

    Guess That Song!

    The game is simple, all you need to do is guess the song lyric posted by the person before you. Don't just copy and paste the lyrics in google cause wheres the fun in that? Lyrics must be appropriate, and try to pick lyrics most people would recognize and don't have the name of the song in them...
  3. BlueRaspberries

    Off-Time Hobby

    Hey, I haven't really introduced myself on forums, so here's something I love to do in my free time when I am not at work or on the server. :p I love building with cups and dominoes.
  4. BlueRaspberries

    Rejected Dominoes - Insane

    Usernames: Faudon and BlueRaspberries Map Name: Dominoes Photos: Posted below Warp: /Plot V BlueRaspberries 1 Difficulty: Insane
  5. BlueRaspberries


    Hi, so I lost a lot of mana from a race, so I decided to transfer one of my alts mana to my main account. After transferring 15k mana to my main account I logged out. When I came back my mana was only at 152?