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    o-o oop let me just.. leave .. im actually bored .. hELLO my name is cEdis and i don't like people ;D
  2. Cedis ♡

    For Future Resets

    The reset notification time is very small at the moment. It's great to have a reset but it's not great to spend a lot of money just to be informed it's wasted 1 week before the reset. In a hypothetical situation, if I 100 dollars 1 day before the reset notification hit, it would feel like I just...
  3. Cedis ♡

    Mana Lottery For Olympus

    Hello fellow people of Manacube, I feel like having a second lottery solely based on mana on Olympus would be nice. The price could be 25k mana or 5k mana (whatever amount sounds fair). I feel more people would buy the lottery for mana overall, plus it's the main currency. <33
  4. Cedis ♡

    You wouldn't Believe this Even If I TOLD YOU!!!!

    -movement worked-
  5. Cedis ♡

    This is seriously a major problem...

    D: Pork was sadly nerfed not too long ago and I really do feel it needs to just be left alone at 300. Lowering the sell price of pork really has upset many players and isn't overall good for the people who only have 1 or 2 spawners. Sure 10k spawners may make a lot of money, but what about the...