1. Acid_Reflvx

    Rejected Desktops | Insane Map

    Username: Acid_Reflvx Map Name: Desktops Photos of Your Parkour: How to Get to Your Plot: /plot v Acid_Reflvx 12 Difficulty: Insane Number of Jumps: 155~ (Depends on the way you go in the pencil jar) (Checkpoints: 7) (By the way there is a track pad on the keyboard so there IS a way to move the...
  2. Acid_Reflvx

    How did you find the music you listen to now?

    Hey everyone, today, and forever, I will be wondering how you found the music you listen to now! I listen to riddim, so my history is pretty long. Let's go! About three years ago, I was listening to the radio and Promise Me popped up. I loved, and I mean LOVED the chorus. You could actually...
  3. Acid_Reflvx

    Rejected Platypus | Easy (Medium if it fits)

    USERNAMES: Acid_Reflvx & 1blockster2 MAP NAME: Platypus Photos of Parkour: I had to include this one xD: HOW TO GET TO THE PLOT: /plot v Acid_Reflvx 5 DIFFICULTY: Easy (Jumps is 51, but I counted the jumps where you're climbing, and the real jumps are pretty easy) NUMBER OF JUMPS: 51~...
  4. Acid_Reflvx

    Rejected Arcade Adventure - Medium

    Username: Acid_Reflvx Map name: Arcade Adventure Photos of the Parkour (Just telling you now that some of the map isn't just parkour. There's a maze and a small lava-filled memory dropper!) How to Get to the Plot: /plot v Acid_Reflvx 4 Difficulty: Medium Jumps: 38 (Checkpoints: 4)
  5. Acid_Reflvx

    First ManaCube video: Beating every official dropper!

    Hey guys, Just made my first edited video, and it features ManaCube! The video is how to beat every dropper! Enjoy ;D
  6. Acid_Reflvx

    FIND ALL THE STAFF! Thank you staff video project in progress

    Hello all, So I am on a journey to find every staff member and take a screenshot of them for a thank you staff video project! Please take a screenshot of the staff member with F1 on and name clearly visible. Let's get this party started, everyone! STAFF FOUND ALREADY: CullanP hayleyx Uneasilly...
  7. Acid_Reflvx

    Rejected Grasscave - Easy

    Username: Acid_Reflvx Map name: Grasscave Screenshots: How to get to the map: /plot visit Acid_Reflvx 2 Difficulty: Easy Number of jumps: 51 (Without the Easter Egg)
  8. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    I have some drawings of Dacon I'll keep adding more <3
  9. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    I made some drawings of Dacon and every drawing I make I'll add to here Just because why not
  10. Acid_Reflvx

    Acid's Daily Quotes - 011

    Welcome to my Daily Quote thread! This is a place I will be sharing a different quote every day! Sometimes I might miss a day but please don't be too angry with me! This thread accepts quotes you guys have too, so if you have a good quote, share I with me! Every quote I do from below, I will...
  11. Acid_Reflvx

    View This Thread

    VIEW THIS THREAD ------------------------ A thread to see how many views we can get! WHY ------ You're actually asking why I made this? Well, I'm asking myself too! MILESTONES ---------------- 1st view - 10/14/2020 10 views - 10/15/2020 50 views - 10/21/2020 100 views - 10/28/2020 CHALLENGE...
  12. Acid_Reflvx

    What genre do you listen to?

    This thread is not a thread — it's a poll to see who likes what, and what the most popular genre is! If the genre isn't listed here, share it below!
  13. Acid_Reflvx

    A Bit of Help with World Edit (//wand and more)

    Introduction I've been on Creative for a bit. I just passed 150 hours and I've seen at least 5 people ask how to use world edit. Every time I've said “Watch a YouTube video, it's hard to explain," because it's really hard to teach someone correctly on the spot and it can take time out of your...
  14. Acid_Reflvx

    A Month of Voting

    A month has gone by. I've been struggling tirelessly to stay #1 on voting because I wanted to take screenshots of me #1 and make an animation once the month was over, and the plan worked. Below is the animation I made with the screenshots. I started taking screenshots at 14 votes and ended with...
  15. Acid_Reflvx

    Convince your friend(s) to post on this (why did I make this)

    FOR PEOPLE WHO HAVE FRIENDS: Try to make your friend reply to this post. If it doesn't work then press the second button in the poll. FOR THE FRIENDS: Thanks for coming, leave whatever you want to say that is PG-13 down below! Also, you can press the first button in the poll to show that you...
  16. Acid_Reflvx

    What's the most popular word?

    Vote your favorite word, and then view the results to see what the most popular word is.
  17. Acid_Reflvx

    Acronym Guesser

    Hi again! :3 Welcome to another game! I gift you good luck, this one will get tricky! Basically, you have to figure out what the last post's sentence is. Why figure it out because it's already written? Because it's written in an acronym! Type what you think the acronym is with words, and then...
  18. Acid_Reflvx

    Sentence Finisher

    Hi there! Welcome to my first game! This game is about finishing each other's sentences! Basically, if the latest post is in the middle of a sentence, just type a word connecting with the last post, and if you finish the sentence, then leave a period at the end of the word. If the last post...