1. Evanue

    Futuristic Civilization Vs Aliens Build

    Hey, so I decided I should post some pictures of my most recent build because I need to get to 20 posts so I can get some feedback! The build was a bit of a fail, I had more plans, as this is only one half of the build. The mountains ended up being way too spikey for the other part of the build...
  2. RedstoneTuTo

    Featured A Recreation … with another Scale

    Okay so I decided to recreate Versailles… but the scale is pretty ridiculous ( Around 200 blocs from the facade to the place where I take the screen )
  3. RedstoneTuTo

    New Parkour map

    Start building something....
  4. Axolotl

    New project

    One chunk town (not finished)
  5. Goldan_Bullett

    My Dark Oak House

  6. Goldan_Bullett


  7. PippyLI

    Featured Dragon!!! (Islands Project)

    Hey there back again with another build I did!! I was super nervous for this one because I never really did any organic builds before, let alone a dragon and that caused be to procrastinate a bunch before I actually built it lmao but i think it turned out well!!! I did this uhhh over the...
  8. PippyLI

    Featured Ship! (Islands Project)

    This one was made entirely by @Crockov (I was given the OK by him to post this)! This was his first ever ship build, but he could have fooled me due to how epic it looks. The rest of the ocean is very much a WIP but I'm glad that this was the first thing to be made, it already makes it a...
  9. uhhabbie

    mini build comps

    hihi kids!! recently, myself and the creative staff have been looking for ways to make the creative server more enjoyable for you guys. if we did more of the mini build comps, do you think that would help? i honestly really enjoy the little on hour ones, and (from what i’ve seen) you guys...
  10. Samanthaa_x

    Accepted Bob the builder - Medium map

    Map name: Bob the builder Map builders: Samanthaa_x, Pyrotortilla Helper/tester: Polarben Photos of your Parkour: Plot Id: /plot h Eg1rl 1 Difficulty: Medium Number of jumps: 45ish, 5 checkpoints
  11. Tomburgers

    Featured My house on Atlas

    It took me approximately a week to build. I hope you all like it. Feel free to come over and have a look. /atlas -> /p h Tomburgers 2
  12. CammX

    Has anyone got anything planned for next season

    Although the new season details haven’t been released as of yet people are already planning on what to do next season. Has anyone got any plans on projects they want to do? Im planning on maybe recreating a city in minecraft? It would take a long time but hopefully it would be worth it.
  13. KathrynsWill

    Christmas Rank Battle

    Merry Christmas!! Capporo and myself have decided to Gift 3 rank upgrades to 3 dedicated survival players! Join the Christmas Rank Battle Discord Channel to stay updated. Please message me for Discord Channel details. Gingerbread House Contest 1. Survival Players Only 2. Everyone who has...
  14. Aztec

    Editable Signs

    Instead of having to destroy the entire sign to change it, being able to right click it or something would be really useful and would make the server stand out. It would also be very useful.
  15. Chandelier_

    Votes have been registered!

    :mc_e_3:Alrighty aphrodite, the votes have decided..... With 8 votes was the "Underground fairy thingy" And with 6 votes was "Fairy forest" Soooooooooo i'm doing both! it'll be tough but 100% worth it. Thank you all so much for your votes and comments <3 :mc_e_3:
  16. DiuridiFox

    House I Built

    Hi guys! How u doing? My name is DiuridiFox and I built a house. Feel free to rate it! <3
  17. DiuridiFox

    Island Update

    Hi guys, I am here to show some pics of my island. Feel free to rate it! <3
  18. DiuridiFox

    My Island

    I have been doing some changes on my island, and this is the result. Feel free to rate it!!
  19. fumbled

    Rejected Dairy - Easy

    Username : fumbled Map name : "Dairy" Photos of my Parkour: (attached files) The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: 63;-36 or /plot tp fumbled 2 Difficulty: Easy Number of jumps: 25
  20. Pewdular

    Rejected Glaciers - Easy/Medium

    Creator : pewdular Map Name : Glaciers Plot Number : 12;61 Difficulty : Easy/Medium (Hard if you count jumps) Jumps : Around 65-74