1. Lofi

    Concept: Map of the Year Bracket

    yo its ya boy, i was curious to get peoples thoughts on a possible community map of the year bracket. it would go as follows: 1. I make a big ol masterpost about the brackets and ask for submissions for the map of the year for each respective difficulty 2. I compile all the submissions for each...
  2. Fosphor

    Rejected Map Submission - Bones Run [Insane] - by Fosphor, Architarchi, Sulfured

    Builders: Fosphor, Architarchi, Sulfured Map name: Bones Run Map ID: -79;41 or /plot teleport Fosphor Difficulty: Insane Number of jumps: 135 Number of checkpoints: 9 The map has been tested, there are no shortcuts and no unnecessary barriers, also it follows the guidelines of the...
  3. EvanTech

    Minecraft: Professional's Handbook

    :mc_331-0: Hello Everyone! Welcome to my new thread about everything the community has to share about Minecraft! I recently found out that my little cousin started playing Minecraft and is SUPER into it! While he may act like he knows everything about the game, he still has a lot to learn that...
  4. SSM_GOD

    Edit for the suggestions website

    If you didn't know, there is a specific website meant for the community suggestions. Personally, I rarely ever go there. When I first found out about it, I thought it would be active but quickly realized it's not. Many of the suggestions that are posted there...
  5. JelleSVHD

    Favorite music

    Hey everyone! As we speak I'm a great fan of music! and I like almost every kind of music type. So I would like to know your favorite song(s)! Leave your favorite song(s) down below and I'll try to listen to all of them :D My favorite song(s): 1. rozeswoesh by Jacin Trill 2. No Hook III by...
  6. OminousPlayz

    Need Help? Ask Questions!

    If you're a newcomer to Skyblock on Manacube or an old timer who doesn't know all the facts down yet, then this is the place for you. If you need any understanding of the rules, features, strategies or tips of how to play, ask questions here! I'll answer to the best of my abilities and I'm sure...
  7. Jushua

    Plot Empty Wand - OLYMPUS

    OK. So I have no clue if this has been suggested, but me and a few other people were talking about how annoying it is to mine out your whole entire plot by yourself. Even when you have help from friends, it still takes an eternity. So we came up an idea called a Plot Empty Wand. And here are...
  8. Worrey

    The Olympus community <3

    Hi there! I just wanted to say something about the community. I see that most threads contains information about the game, and not the community itself, so I thought; Hey! Why not switch it up a little bit? I have now played on ManaCube for a week. I have so far only properly experienced the...
  9. TimTam

    Free to play Maze Trials!

    HELLO AND GOOD DAY! I'm here to create my first thread alongside announcing my newly made creation. In the plot world I've been hard at working cooking up something nice for the community to enjoy. It is my pleasure to announce that it's finished! "But sir, what exactly has been finished?"...
  10. Creech

    Season Reset

    I heard from reset... And i want to hear your opinion on things like the igs perk, bought inf sell wands and infinity chests and the reset in general. Because I would like to keep that as its very essential and the inf items are bought from manicure Shop. For the ig perk of course its part of...
  11. bwbygirlk

    Skyblock Island Shops

    Would anyone be interested in buying potions? Also if yes what would you like to see and what prices seem reasonable?
  12. T


    Dear Community of ManaCube >.< So, I was just thinking about some suggestions to make whilst doing my terra, so boring ahah, but I was thinking, why not do some builds all together as a community. I was thinking, 'Surely it will bring the community together, but also encourage new builders to...
  13. T


    I feel as if the Islands server should have some community based events that happen regularly with a reward of some sort even if its just a few gems. It just need something to open up the community more to new members and make it seem more fun and friendly. Thanks. Tayl_s
  14. M

    Chest Idea?

    Hey there! I am mateias and today, I wanted to ask you guys a creative question. I know that Treasure Chests are being added in to the Parkour server, and they are going to have fun and crazy things! There is nothing established yet, so maybe we can help out @Dacon with some ideas! I think that...