1. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    I have some drawings of Dacon I'll keep adding more <3
  2. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    I made some drawings of Dacon and every drawing I make I'll add to here Just because why not
  3. D

    Need xDacon's Fav Song

    Hello everyone, it is very urgent that xDacon chooses a song he likes for me to use for something. The reason must remain unknown for now but will be revealed after he chooses it. Please get this to Dacon!! Thanks, xDaconFan
  4. Jacon


    READ UP My opponents have been using the /shout command to attract random people in the server to vote for them, although it is totally legit, I have no rank thus I am not noticed in the game and I cannot shout so that limits my ability to advertise a lot, so I have to attract supporters on...
  5. Jacon

    My Final Message To Dacon..

    2 more days Landslide Jacon 2020 It's Over.
  6. Dadcon

    Official Owner Vote Poster

    VOTE FOR OWNER APRIL 2ND @Jacon @Dacon @Dadcon
  7. Jacon

    Something Amazing Happened to Me .

    There is this really awesome girl I like and at lunch today I decided to ask her to be my girlfriend, she said yes! So I guess this is it - this ends my campaign of trying to become the greatest person in the world! See you later guys, this was fun!!! always remember me, jacon, I might become...
  8. Jacon

    Rejected Trump Tower - Medium

    Made by me and me only :D /plot visit CptMcBootyMunchr 2 ~Med 60 - 100 jumps! It's about the journey, not the destination. I think this map should be selected because it maintains originality and it is relevant to today. Let's face it, Trump supporter or not, this map is freaking cool! 9/11...
  9. Mogzy

    Closed HELLO :)

    i am applying for youtuber rank for @manacube :) , i am 15 and have alot of spare time , in that time i play manacube factions with my friends , i may not be the best but i have fun , and thats what i am about! as a youtuber with 100 subscribers i may not be able to appeal to the large amount of...
  10. Pipicz06

    What if we all...

    What if we all...
  11. Pipicz06


    @Dacon What or who inspired you to make a minecraft server and what motivated you to keep the server going
  12. Midnight_Soldier

    Quest Problem

    The Quest that asks you to walk 16404 blocks it appears I have completed it but says 16404/16404 like I walked that many blocks but I never received the Reward (i have a screenshot)
  13. Mega

    Can i get BT tag here?

    I don't know where to post this. But i think this is the best place. Well, this is mentioned to @Dacon or someone else who can give me BT rank in forums. I saw drakey had it but i didn't get it while link my account!
  14. D

    Hoppers :/

    I fail to understand you're reasoning as a team and thriving community to make hoppers uncraftable and only obtainable via the shop, i like making automated machinery and charging 5k a piece when i use vast amounts of hoppers is ridiculous, made me slightly unhappy and would be greatly...
  15. caseyclosed

    Prepare for War Manacube Staff Team.

    Well I've gotten some money and a vpn and i'm ready to take on manacube again. I hope you can figure out my deployed alts that have been on the server for quite some time now. Casey is coming back :>. I'll see you soon - caseyofficial *cough* Staff that figure out my alts should be promoted...
  16. Cheechmoted

    Perm Banned

    PLEASE READ FULL THREAD Hello everyone, today I was permanently banned from ManaCube. I have played ManaCube for three years now and have been a huge fan of the server since day one. Recently I undergone a lot of controversy and hack accusations on survival. Many people think I have abused...
  17. M

    Chest Idea?

    Hey there! I am mateias and today, I wanted to ask you guys a creative question. I know that Treasure Chests are being added in to the Parkour server, and they are going to have fun and crazy things! There is nothing established yet, so maybe we can help out @Dacon with some ideas! I think that...
  18. Monsoon Crescent

    Who cant wait for the new MineVast update this weekend?

    I litterly am suffring from waiting i just cant wait
  19. AliAliAli

    xDacon - Ahaha. "Ban"ter eh

    I put a bit of time into this with the help of my friends. They were the ideas and I delivered. Hope you find some use to this (hit me up if you need some more *wink*). Enjoy. XD http://imgur.com/elgNO3o (Had to link it as I encountered a problem uploading it)
  20. S


    Hello All Staff, I love this server and all, but please read this message. It may be a little negative, but it's something you should take into consideration. Don't just ban me because it was negative, at least read the content first if you are going to ban me. My IGN: Skywalkrs Many Moderators...