1. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    I have some drawings of Dacon I'll keep adding more <3
  2. Acid_Reflvx

    My Drawings of Dacon

    I made some drawings of Dacon and every drawing I make I'll add to here Just because why not
  3. AliAliAli

    [Free] Drawing custom MC avatars for people

    So, I'm trying out some new style of digital art to see how well it works. This is sort of like semi-realistic drawings. I need your help on how I can improve so rather than just spamming me with compliments, constructive criticism is much more appreciated. P.S. Note that I am a college student...
  4. AliAliAli

    xDacon - Ahaha. "Ban"ter eh

    I put a bit of time into this with the help of my friends. They were the ideas and I delivered. Hope you find some use to this (hit me up if you need some more *wink*). Enjoy. XD http://imgur.com/elgNO3o (Had to link it as I encountered a problem uploading it)