1. Pateu

    Happy Easter =)

    Happy Easter guys! My birthday in 8 days. I got VIP as a gift from Miss_Skylanes. What y'all up to? :cool:
  2. ceooofsex

    Your Easter traditions?

    So as someone who hasn't celebrated Easter before, it makes me wonder sometimes what it's like. I'm curious about everyone's traditions or habits. Do you guys celebrate it in any certain way? Is there anything specific you do? Let me know <3 Also !! What's your favorite holiday?
  3. Dacon

    Happy Easter 2020

    Happy Easter! Egg Hunt Easter Eggs have been hidden at spawns on every server (as well as the Parkour Lounge & Skyblock Slayer Regions). Find them all to unlock the [Easter2020] Tag! You can track your progress with the /eggs command Easter Treasure Chest This new treasure chest has...