1. Relaxolotl

    New Cosmetic Item

    Something like a lute, or just a keyboard, im not sure, but something we could play notes through like the ocarina in the new zelda crate. With more notes so we can play real songs of our own, like midi songs. I know a lot of people on who would be very interested in this :D
  2. Axolotl


    We want an SSV trident, it would most likely have loyalty and the custom design could be like a posiden trident, or maybe a spear or smth, but most likely a trident design. (We also want SSV dirt?! That's what people are saying lol. Maybe it would be dirt that you can place like an infinite...
  3. Eikichirou

    Permitted Items in Map Making Server: Debug Stick?

    Just wondering if the debug stick is permitted in the creative/map-building server for manipulating the blockstates of trapdoors/water/fences. I know certain other creator's items such as barrier blocks and custom player heads are definitely allowed, and I'm not big on setblock commands, but I...
  4. MestreDoalicate

    I died when i was flying with my Elytra

    I was Flying near my base when i bugged in the wall of my neighbor and i Died , i got the most of my items but i lost my chestplate because it fell into the hopper of his cactus farm. Can you get the Chestplate for me? , because it has Ice Forged IV :/ or give me a book of Ice Forged IV please...
  5. M

    Lost Items After 11/28 Maintenance

    Hello fellow Skyblockers, I didn't see a thread for this issue, if there is, my apologies for the repost. Anyway, I lost a significant amount of items after the maintenance yesterday (11/28). I think there are others who lost a lot as well judging by the in game chat. What is the proper way...
  6. Zero

    Manacube hoppers and filters

    Hi, I'm Zero. I have had some problems making a item filter here on the server :( The hoppers on here takes items out 4 at a time instead of 1 at a time. This makes so all the item filters, i have watched doesn't work :/ If anyone have any idea how to make a working filter on the server please...