1. _Valint_


    I am unable to join KitPvp on either of my accounts on lunar since I bought a rank, I do not know what is happening with the problem but I would guess this is happening with others as well. It is not just down because I have seen that people are on it but I just cannot join, it loads for a...
  2. Dacon

    KitPVP 11.5 Event Update

    Firstly, the server has been renamed back to it's original name "KitPVP" You can still use /manapvp command to connect though 2 New events have been released, and the event schedule has been slightly tweaked. There is now an event every single hour from 10AM to 10PM Eastern Purge event...
  3. Pigochi


    Pigochi here with somethin new, ya’hear. This is The Manacube Dis track Welcome to manacube, we have crappy games, why don’t we start off with the least of the lame? Olympus all you do is mine all day, Only way to get good is to sit back and play. Atlas got all the players, too bad...
  4. Toshhi

    Current List of SVA Items across Manacube

    =-= Hey everyone =-= So, after seeing Dakota's list of SVA items, and Fluffy_hime's post, I've decided to publish myself and Congiius' current collection of SVA items across the whole of Manacube. Please be sure to go ahead and have a look at both of their posts as well! I will most likely do...
  5. Kuqn

    Top 10 Scary Manacubers (kitpvp)

    Hello again fellow cubers it is come to my attention that I MUST inform everyone about the new top 10 SCARY PVPERS due to the map coming to the end. We will start this list from the most scary down to number 10 aswell as some honorable mentions! Buckle up lets begin. 1. Cruel Penguin Mr penguin...
  6. MineVast

    Among Us Crate [!]

    Hello. You lookin' real sus xD Imposter-> Title Crewmate-> Title Sussy Title Imposters Knife | Gsword Imposter Chat Color | Red and Dark Red Chat Perks Emergency Meeting Button | Gadget Crewmate Luggage | $8,000 - $24,000 Sabotage Lights | Blindness Potions 500 Mana 32 EXP Bottles 8 Pearls 1...
  7. MineVast

    Top 10 Reasons you need to play manacube kitpvp :D :) (SWAG WARNING) IMPOSTER SUSSY

    10. It is the best pvp server on the game 9. it has the most lest toxic comunity in mine craft 8. it has the best econmoemny system 7. pvp fun 6. it has absoluetily no lag 5. aboslutely swagger anticheat 4. some of the best players u iwill find in min e craft pvp 3/ RED VENTED CALL AN...
  8. Sevno

    lol cupids bow

    I said I would do this ages ago but I deadass forgot over and over but I finally did it! My cupids bow is now gone forever. (stay mad randoms lololol major skill issue)
  9. MineVast

    top 10 pvpers

    10 zeneside 9 endeve 8 camon 7 magnificent 6 madclout 5 espese 4 vapish 3 sevno 2 lybby 1 noddinq this is not biased if you think it is ur wrong
  10. Chaseyn

    Top 10 Best Manacube KitPVP Players (My Opinion)

    This post is my opinion so don't get triggered or nothing. I am basing these rankings on overall performance, including pvp ability, kiting, maintaining heals, and overall skill in the community. (PS, this is not bias in anyway either, it is what i genuinely think of these players, I will not be...
  11. Diff3rent


    now my name is Diff3rent_ I haven't played on this server super long and I've only been on the forums for a day and I know there is already like 20000 of these threads on here but I just need to make it clear DO SOMETHING ABOUT KITPVP I mean for gods sake we all know this server is amazing and...
  12. E

    KitPvP Server Reboot Issue

    Me and my buddy, (Xulon) were dueling 30 seconds before server reset whilst in a gset in /spawn. We were aware that if we combat tagged each other there was a possibility that we could die and lose our stuff when the restart took place. Because of this, we stood still not fighting because we...
  13. Rosts

    Lag "Ground Remover"

    I don't know if you guys already have this but if not, you should add a ground remover which removes ground items. I feel like kitpvp needs this to help reduce all the lag they get but if you do consider making one of these you should add some warnings in chat like "removing all ground items in...
  14. softlov

    Bow Cooldown

    I've noticed because I mainly use swords during PVP, that there are a lot of bow spammers and it really gets on a lot of people's nerves. so I just wanted to know if you could add a short bow cooldown, like with the ender pearl, but like 3/4 seconds? It just really irritates a lot of people...
  15. Anthony (ft18m)

    No Mystery Crate? To The Staff...

    This one goes to the staff. I'm going to be pretty stern in this thread because it's about time we start getting some answers... This isn't just about the fact that one of the staff built the mystery crate area and never actually added the crate (seriously???), it's the lack of giving...
  16. IIRyanII

    Put a pond in the KitPvP spawn

    I think a pond should be added in the kitpvp spawn so that way people can fish without having to deal with people killing them. Since most people dont want to die while fishing, people are fishing in the fairy queen's pond which makes the lures float and glitch, and it's hard to see when a fish...
  17. Shakarane

    New Magnet Enchant Idea

    The idea of this new enchant is simple. This enchant can only be applied to swords and bows. Upon killing a player with an item with the magnet enchant, all items in their inventory automatically enter your inventory. This is so that other players cannot take the loot of the player you just killed.
  18. Shakarane

    Shakarane - 13 Ideas (KitPVP and Parkour)

    Hey there, I've been playing on Manacube for quite some time now and I'm having a lot of fun playing their games. I mostly play Parkour and KitPVP. Here are some suggestions I thought of that might improve the server a bit: 1. Remove all checkpoints after a race, to prevent presetting. Preset...
  19. Lollipop56

    KitPvP Suggestions

    Hello ManaCube KitPvP Community, I have decided to make this thread to attempt to see an improvement to the KitPvP server, as everyone that plays actively will know KitPvP is in real need of some help. It's struggling really hard, making people very frustrated and in general in need of several...