1. Dacon

    7 Year Anniversary

    BIRTHDAY BUNDLE This limited time bundle has 4 new hats, a title, 2 party bombs and a Infinite Birthday Firework! Purchasing this bundle will give you rewards on EVERY server, including Hubs & Creative! 80% BIRTHDAY SALE We will having an 80% OFF everything sale until next Sunday! GIVEAWAY...
  2. Dacon

    ManaCube Turns 6!

    Link to Twitter giveaway:
  3. Dacon

    1 MILLION!

    As of today, over 1,000,000 unique accounts have logged into ManaCube! We're doing a giveaway and huge sale, scroll down to see info GIVEAWAY In celebration of 1 million, we are giving away 10 Cubits to 20 people! To enter the giveaway, 1) Follow us on Twitter...
  4. Dacon

    ❤ 500,000 Members

    This morning, our community has hit over 500,000 unique members! I never could imagine MineVast growing this far. I am so happy to be a part of this amazing community, and I want to thank all our staff and players who have supported Minevast over the years - Without them, we would never have hit...