1. Dacon

    Creative Revamp Information

    Creative Revamp will be released Sunday, June 23rd @ 2:00PM EST | What's happening to the current server/my builds? The creative revamp will be a brand new server with new worlds, however we will be keeping the old creative server online as an "Archive" server All players starting now can also...
  2. Dacon

    Survival Season 4 Info & Features

    Reset Information Release Date: April 21st, 1:00PM EST Will Reset All worlds Inventories, enderchests and player vaults Stats Currencies Jobs & Quests Slayer title Donator Rank You will have to claim this back on the store @ If you got your rank...
  3. Ayatou

    /Speed cooldown on parkour.

    since parkour 2.0 is coming out and all the stats will be reset (mostly), I really think /speed should have a cooldown and should have limited time to use it. Example: Speed 2 - 2 hour cooldown and only used for 1 hour Speed 3 - 3 hour cooldown and only used for 2 hours Speed 4 - 12 hour...