1. Cybilion

    Accepted Temple Run- REVAMPED

    Temple Run Medium difficulty 51 jumps 2 checkpoints Made by: Cybilion Parkour by: BASSBOAT Helpers: ComradeOlaf DeathBySuduko Tester: makeemhack This is a resubmission with a few changes to the parkour and the environment (mainly the trees) as requested.
  2. Dacon

    Olympus Season 4

    RELEASE DATE: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH @ 3:00PM EASTERN ➤ PLOT & CLAN REVAMP Plots & Clans have merged together. The clan now owns the plots instead of individual players. You can still be added to plots that aren't a part of your clan though. Plots are now 99x99, and a clan can own up to 4...
  3. Dacon

    Survival Season 6

    Release Date: June 20th @ 2:00PM EST! It has been over a year since Season 5 was released! We planned on releasing in early May but decided to update to 1.15 which took over a month in itself due to performance, and we've been running a staff only beta for a couple weeks now. Season 5 Legends...
  4. Dacon

    Factions Season 4

    SEASON INFORMATION:mc_387-0: Faction Max Members: 25 Faction Max Alts: 50 Power per player: 100 Max Allies: 0 Max Corners per faction: 2 Cannon Speed: 3 seconds Buffer Limit: 25 chunks Map Length: 2 months (May 2nd - July 3rd) FACTION BASE CHUNKS :mc_217-0: ➤ Factions can set their...
  5. Dacon


    Staff beta will be launching today, ELITE beta sometime next week (will announce in discord) Release Date: April 11th @ 12:00PM EST! ➤ TOTAL RECODE We have made a brand new core island plugin from the ground up. Our new core has many new features, optimizations, UX improvements and easily...
  6. Dacon

    Creative Revamp Information

    Creative Revamp will be released Sunday, June 23rd @ 2:00PM EST | What's happening to the current server/my builds? The creative revamp will be a brand new server with new worlds, however we will be keeping the old creative server online as an "Archive" server All players starting now can also...
  7. Dacon

    Survival Season 4 Info & Features

    Reset Information Release Date: April 21st, 1:00PM EST Will Reset All worlds Inventories, enderchests and player vaults Stats Currencies Jobs & Quests Slayer title Donator Rank You will have to claim this back on the store @ If you got your rank...
  8. Ayatou

    /Speed cooldown on parkour.

    since parkour 2.0 is coming out and all the stats will be reset (mostly), I really think /speed should have a cooldown and should have limited time to use it. Example: Speed 2 - 2 hour cooldown and only used for 1 hour Speed 3 - 3 hour cooldown and only used for 2 hours Speed 4 - 12 hour...