1. Dacon

    7 Year Anniversary

    BIRTHDAY BUNDLE This limited time bundle has 4 new hats, a title, 2 party bombs and a Infinite Birthday Firework! Purchasing this bundle will give you rewards on EVERY server, including Hubs & Creative! 80% BIRTHDAY SALE We will having an 80% OFF everything sale until next Sunday! GIVEAWAY...
  2. tonislav

    [S] Creeper Spawners

    Im selling 320 Creeper spawners 10 milion per stack or 5 milion per half stack. In store, 16 milion is per stack. (6M OFF) IGN: tonislav Feel free to reply if you are interested! PICTURE:
  3. Dacon

    Valentines Treasure Chest + Sale

    The Valentines Treasure Chest has been released on Survival, Skyblock, Islands, Olympus, KItPvP & Parkour! Will be released on Factions soon Keys are available for a limited time, and there is a 75% OFF EVERYTHING SALE while the chest is live
  4. Digestedmonk928


    Does anyone know when there will be another sale for ranks in the store? I want mvp+ but wanna save money if possible.
  5. Dacon

    Parkour Update

    Community Droppers :mc_154-0: Community Droppers is a new dropper category released that will contain all accepted dropper submissions by the community. Difficulty ranges from easy to expert depending on the course. You can submit a dropper map here...
  6. Dacon


    Black Friday is our biggest sale of the year! Everything on the store is 80% OFF until November 25th. Don't miss out: 2 new bundles are available @ - Black Friday Bundle - Thanksgiving Bundle Support Tickets Our website now has a new...
  7. Dacon

    Lucky Update

  8. Dacon

    1 MILLION!

    As of today, over 1,000,000 unique accounts have logged into ManaCube! We're doing a giveaway and huge sale, scroll down to see info GIVEAWAY In celebration of 1 million, we are giving away 10 Cubits to 20 people! To enter the giveaway, 1) Follow us on Twitter...
  9. Dacon


    Black Friday sales are here until November 26th! Save an amazing 80% off everything on our store! This is the best sale of the year CHECK OUT THE DEALS STORE.MANACUBE.COM
  10. Dacon

    Store Update Pt #2

    THANKSGIVING SALE Save 70% off all packages from now until thanksgiving weekend! NEW RANK PERKS Our store was showing outdated information for ranks. Rank descriptions are now updated, and we've also added some new perks to all 3 ranks Click Title to view full...
  11. Dacon

    End Of Summer Sale

    Store Link: Sale ends September 4th
  12. Dacon

    KitPvP 6.0, SkyWars Maps, Winter Crate

    Combat Analysis We've have just released a new feature to KitPvP that allows you to view in-depth information from your recent fights. When you die, a report will pop up showing everything that damaged/healed you during the fight. You can also view more specific things like what enchantments...
  13. Dacon

    Holiday Update

    New lobby + Elves We've released our new holiday-themed lobby along with 20 Elves! The elves are hidden all around the map, and whoever finds all 20 will receive a present on December 25th! Elves have an [Elf] prefix next to their name. You can right click on them to claim. Secret Santa...