staff of the month

  1. ChocBar

    August 2020

    TOP VOTERS & PAYOUTS | STAFF PROMOS | STAFF OF THE MONTH | MONTHLY STATS Server performance issues were again a major focus in August. The source of numerous Survival crashes was identified and resolved. Performance issues on Factions were also resolved and a new server jar was deployed...
  2. Dacon

    July Top Voters, Staffs of the Month & Stats

    July Top Voters Snake8856 - 149 Votes Reward: $75 Store Coupon, [TopVoter] Title FlashxPoint - 139 Votes Reward: $50 Store Coupon, [TopVoter] Title conner0714 - 130 Votes Reward: $30 Store Coupon, [TopVoter] Title AdamP2 - 115 Votes Reward: $20 Store Coupon complete_control - 107 Votes...
  3. Dacon

    Barebones PvP | Creative Updates | + More

    UPDATE: Some of you may have heard of the Barebones server. This project has taken turn, and has now became our main focus for our newest gamemode. We have more features planned for it than initially. What is...