1. Oekepoek

    SVA Items Islands

    SVA Items Islands I love SVA items and if it was possible i wanted them all. But now the idea has come to show how may SVA items islands has. I will not add all items i will do it on request and items i think it's fun. Also i don't know who has the items that is for you to figger out.:) If you...
  2. Oekepoek

    Vault Item

    I play mana cube for 2 years know and for sure i spent to much on the game. But idea for a item in cubitshop that you can add to an item, so it get the status Season Vault Acsess. But as person you can have only one item in your vault that is custom added. So let other people buy you SVA tags...
  3. ChrisSkjold

    Price Range for a SVA Pickaxe

    Hi im kinda still new after 3 years break. I was wondering what price i should expect for a SVA pickaxe, and if it possible to get one with 5 cubits. PS: Sorry with spelling erorrs, im not that english grammer :)
  4. BigBoooty

    Nerf Sparkle Chestplate/Eros Legs&Boots

    Probs gonna upset some of the guys that AFK in pvp as it always does, but the sparkle chestplate/eros legs&boots needs a big nerf. I feel like im stating the obvious here but obviously the sat & reg 2 is still a thing. Currently- People who own Sparkle Chestplate and Eros Leggings&Boots are...
  5. Oekepoek

    Olympus EAGLE SWORD

    I'm selling my EAGLE Sword on Olympus You can message me on Discord: Oekepoek#7928
  6. <developer>

    Manacube Seasonal Vault List

    Click here to visit A list of SVA items, and its stats from every game modes, although there are still many missing, especially the old one and most of the items from Mineville. Currently there are about 250+ items on the list, and most of them from Fluffy_Hime's thread, Dakota's thread, and...
  7. MaximussPrime

    Looking for a Full Skyblock SVA list

    Does anyone have a full up to date skyblock SVA list with all the enchants and effect? If so please post it, it'll be greatly appreciated :D
  8. Toshhi

    Final Olympus SVA Gallery!

    ~ Hey Guys ~ Seeing as the end of the season is coming very very soon, I decided that it was time to bring every item in my collection across Atlas, Aether, and Asgard together, and showcase them before the next season of Olympus. Items from game modes other than Aether, Atlas, and Asgard will...
  9. TeamJacob

    Vaultable Items on Earth

    Below is a complete list of all available vaultable Items on Earth. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  10. Toshhi

    The implementation of certain game features

    Hi so this is going to sound like I'm complaining, but I mean this as feedback, as kind of a voice for quite a few players who I know have these same views. Things like the Sparkle items were brought into the game months ago, and along with their inclusion in the crate, they came with what a...
  11. Dakota

    Atlas Seasonal Vault Item Price Sheet

    Atlas SVA/SSV/SV Price Sheet: @Toshhi and I have created this price sheet. Prices are based off rarity, uniqueness, usefulness, previous sell prices (this szn), and cool (lol)...
  12. Dakota

    SURVEY: Atlas SVA/SSV/SV item Quantity

    Hello my fellow Olympus Players!!! I am trying to gauge the rarity of items on the Atlas server of Olympus, and I need your help! A while back, I made a catalogue of all the SVA items within Atlas (sry Aether, i just don't know how far it goes back or if anyone has SVs that go back to the...
  13. Dakota

    Item Coinflips (to fuel my addiction)

    So here's the Scenario... You just lost all your cubits and mana to coinflips, and all you have left are seasonal vault access items (sva, svs, ssvs, whatever etc.)] and you STILL. WANT. TO. COINFLIP. Now you can!!! With /cf item Step 1: Put the items you want to cf in your inventory. Step 2...
  14. Toshhi

    SVA List Update

    =-= Hey everyone =-= So I decided to do an update from the last list of Season Vault items and add the ones that we've managed to obtain recently. You can see the first list here! Atlas Swords Pickaxes Excadrill Pickaxe [/SPOILER] Bows Axes Boots Santa Stockings [/SPOILER]...
  15. Dakota

    Complete List of Current SVA items on Olympus (May 2019 - December 2019)

    Greetings, ManaCubians! This post is inspired by my need for a list of all svs and Fluffy_hime's post of all sva items on survival. [February 2020 - September 2020]----> Helmets: [/SIZE] Scuba Helmet Release: August 2019 Obtained: Paradise Crate Grinch Helmet Release: December 2019 Obtained...
  16. Toshhi

    Current List of SVA Items across Manacube

    =-= Hey everyone =-= So, after seeing Dakota's list of SVA items, and Fluffy_hime's post, I've decided to publish myself and Congiius' current collection of SVA items across the whole of Manacube. Please be sure to go ahead and have a look at both of their posts as well! I will most likely do...
  17. Dakota

    Complete List of Current SVA items on Olympus (February 2020 - September 2020)

    Greetings, ManaCubians! This post is inspired by my need for a list of all svs and Fluffy_hime's post of all sva items on survival. <----[May 2019 - December 2019] [October 2020 - March 2021]----> Helmets: [/SIZE] Magic Helmet Release: September 2020 Obtained: Magic Crate [/SPOILER]...
  18. Dakota

    Complete List of Current SVA items on Olympus (April 2021 - PRESENT)

    Greetings, ManaCubians! This post is inspired by my need for a list of all svs and Fluffy_hime's post of all sva items on survival. <----[October 2020 - March 2021] Helmets: [/SIZE] [/SPOILER] Chestplates: [/SIZE] [/SPOILER] Leggings: [/SIZE] [/SPOILER] Boots: [/SIZE] [/SPOILER] Pickaxes...
  19. EvanTech

    Season Vault Access

    English language abbreviations consist of the first letter of each word from a phrase used to shorten a term. Here I have provided multiple sources defining acronyms and initialisms to create the most accurate and reasonable abbreviation for our lovely term here, "Season Vault Access". S. V. A.
  20. Dakota

    Complete List of Current SVA items on Olympus (October 2020-March 2021)

    Greetings, ManaCubians! Inspired by my need for a list and Fluffy_hime's post. <--[February 2020-September 2020] [April 2021 - PRESENT] --> Helmets: Dragon Helmet Release: February 2021 Obtain: Chinese New Year Crate [/SPOILER] Chestplates: Dragon Chestplate Release: February 2021 Obtain...