1. Dacon

    KitPVP 11.5 Event Update

    Firstly, the server has been renamed back to it's original name "KitPVP" You can still use /manapvp command to connect though 2 New events have been released, and the event schedule has been slightly tweaked. There is now an event every single hour from 10AM to 10PM Eastern Purge event...
  2. sophiaaah <3

    Updating Forums

    ManaCube and forums has been around for many years and although I haven't been on it for as long, I believe the forums needs some sort of update since most pinned/important threads date back to 2014-2016. A big problem that seems to be going around recently is players bringing back old forum...
  3. Gamerking_YT

    Will my money be reseted?

    Hello, i heard, that it will be a new update. And i played more than 24 Hours on skyblock Oasis. Wil my money be deleted after the Update or it will be convert in cubits or my money will move on the other after-update server?
  4. Dacon

    June 2021

    | OVERVIEW Focus The team has been focusing on updating all our software to support a multi-server scaling environment. We are 95% done and will be entering beta testing this week. These changes allow us to not be constrained to a playercount cap, or have the need for multiple realms for 1...
  5. Rango

    Is Villager Despawning fixed

    I've had 5 villager spawn eggs i have brought or got through quests. They always despawn within a few days despite being named with nametags. Does anyone know if this issue has been solved yet, are there any updates on what causes it. maybe unloading chunks or chunk boundaries? Anyone have any...
  6. Commodore_Sheep

    Season 6 - Vana - Solo Underground City

    Hello Commodore here! Thought I start a thread todo with my city build on survival! Background - So been playing on the server since 2018, always starting a project then never finishing it due to external factors, but lock down in my country has allowed me time to build and design this. I...
  7. NovaDragonYT

    Islands Fixes and suggestions

    If you play islands you know that there are some things that are messed up here is a list of bugs/glitches and some suggestions that I and some of the other islands' members have come up with. ------------------- Suggestions - Better ways to make money through farming and mining. - Remove...
  8. Dacon

    Factions Season 6

    SEASON INFORMATION:mc_387-0: Faction Max Members: 15 Faction Max Alts: 50 Power per player: 150 Max Allies: 0 Max Corners per faction: 1 Cannon Speed: 3 seconds Buffer Limit: 25 chunks Map Length: 4 Weeks (August 1st - August 29th)...
  9. Dacon

    Demon Fortress Update

    ➤ DEMON FORTRESS The Demon Fortress is now open! This fortress requires /Slayer Level 3 to enter and has 4 new monsters and 10+ unique drops LAVA CUBE - Health: 225 - Damage: 40 - Abilities: None - Unique Drops: Magma Spawner LAVA GUARDIAN - Health: 100 - Damage: 20 - Abilities: Fire Blast -...
  10. Banns

    Your opinions on Season 6 Survival

    Your opinions on Season 6 Survival I just finished reading through the notes for the season 6 reset, and i think it has some fantastic features, i think they are really trying to push more towards people going into parties rather then solo partying considering a big majority of the updates have...
  11. Dacon

    Happy Easter 2020

    Happy Easter! Egg Hunt Easter Eggs have been hidden at spawns on every server (as well as the Parkour Lounge & Skyblock Slayer Regions). Find them all to unlock the [Easter2020] Tag! You can track your progress with the /eggs command Easter Treasure Chest This new treasure chest has...
  12. Dacon


    FREEDOM UPDATE ManaCube gamemodes have very long seasons, which means we have the same spawns for most of the year, and that can get boring. That is why starting today we are allowing all donators to build at spawn! We hope with this update the community can use their creative freedom to keep...
  13. Dacon

    Factions Season 3

    Our biggest factions update yet! Over 20 new commands & features & a bunch of bug fixes Big thanks to @xEricL for organizing the feedback from the community for this season Release Date: February 29th @ 1:00PM EST Countdown: https://itsalmo.st/factions-season-3-qhh2 | GENERAL INFO:mc_340-0...
  14. Dacon

    Store Updates

    | PATRONS PAGE An explanation of the Patron rank & a list of patrons has been added to the store | GIFTCARD CHECKER You can now directly view your giftcard balance on the store homepage | RECENT PAYMENTS Most recent purchases added to homepage | MONTHLY FUNDING GOAL A dynamic...
  15. Dacon

    Light Theme

    The light mode theme is now released! You can switch to it via top right corner Please post any issues/suggestions for it here
  16. oWinqs

    Nether Update reactions

    Hey all, I have just realized that at MineCon this year, that they released info about the Nether Update coming to Minecraft. If you haven't seen it yet, here's a link to a segment of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbeSaK_CrOc What are your opinions on this update? I think it looks...
  17. Dacon


    | MAP CREATORS & RATINGS :mc_421-0: Maps now have a 5 star rating system, and will also show the creator of the map in the Parkour Log! After you complete a map, if you have not rated it yet, you will see this message in chat: The average rating for that course is shown on the log. After...
  18. Dacon

    Creative Revamp Information

    Creative Revamp will be released Sunday, June 23rd @ 2:00PM EST | What's happening to the current server/my builds? The creative revamp will be a brand new server with new worlds, however we will be keeping the old creative server online as an "Archive" server All players starting now can also...
  19. Dacon

    New Leaderboards!

    The Leaderboard section @ https://manacube.com/stats has been released! You can see the top players for all sorts of categories, and soon will be able to see old leaderboards from previous seasons Check it out here: https://manacube.com/stats/leaderboards/ You can also see some general...
  20. Dacon

    Feature Friday #1

    Feature Friday will be a bi-monthly+ update where community suggestions are added. You can post or vote on suggestions here | Cubits balance now show when hovering someones username [Global] Suggested by Zoqzey | Minions are now sold on the webstore black markets [Global] Suggested by...