3Jester3 - Build Team Application

Jul 2, 2019
----- About You -----

What is your Minecraft username?

How old are you?

Country or Timezone

What is your Discord username?

How many hours do you have on the creative server?

----- Your Skills -----

Do you enjoy working by yourself or as a team?
I enjoy working by myself more because I can listen to music and place every block to my liking but If I must I could also work as a team.

What building styles are you best at, and weakest at?
I am good at building spawns , pvparenas and also some other stuff which I don't know what category they go in and i'm bad at doing parkours etc

Do you know how to use Voxel Sniper?
Honestly I don't because its very hard to get mana on creative so I didn't get a chance to use it. But if you let me practice with it for like an hour i'm sure i'l figure it out

Have you been a part of a build team before? (Give examples if yes)
Not much to be honest, I prefair working alone but like I said I can also work in a team

Screenshots/Portfolio of your past builds. (Recommended to provide an album link)
I would love to send them personally to you on discord if you don't mind.