A Few Faction Update Suggestions ~Careening

Aug 16, 2014
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Hey! Careening here! I have been playing on the Factions server for a good amount of time now and I absolutely love it! Especially since I found an AMAZING custom mushroom-mountain biome to call my home, not to mention the view! But I've noticed a few things that should be implemented into Factions on MineVast.
To start out with, the shops NEED to have selling feature in ALL parts of the shop, with few exceptions. The only thing I can find in the shop that I can sell is food, crops, etc. (Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I saw last time I looked to see if I could sell anything). Back before the Faction 2.0 update (Which no one will remember :p ) in the shop, every item that could be bought could also be sold, with the exception of cobwebs, spawners, etc. Even though they would be sold at less than half the price of buying said item, at least if you were desperate for money you could mine cobblestone and sell it for $40 a stack, or whatever the selling cost used to be.
Secondly, gems. Right now, as far as I know, no one cares about them because no one CAN use them. The only things gems are good for is the few moderately expensive items in the Gem shop. Voting doesn't give enough gems to buy these items unless you would want to wait a long time. The only thing that is a reasonable price in the Gem shop is the hoppers, going at 25 gems per hopper. And speaking of hoppers, my last complaint is….
HOPPERS. Anyone who knows the basics of any faction server in Minecraft knows that hoppers are a must-have and a necessity to make money. You set up a cactus farm, with hoppers collecting the cacti while you're offline. Same with chickens laying their eggs. Hoppers are the backbone of Factions, and no one can disagree with that. But in MineVast, crafting hoppers is not allowed, and the only way of obtaining hoppers is to 1) buy it in the Gem shop for 25 gems or 2) buying them in the regular shop for a VERY high price. This third complaint ties in with the first one. This is because while you're offline, you usually set up farms (cactus, chicken, mob grinders, etc.) and in order to do so, you craft hoppers, but you never really buy them, instead you spend a good amount of time mining in caves for iron, smelting the iron, chopping down trees, crafting chests, then finally making hoppers. On another faction server I sometimes go on, I actually timed myself to see how fast I could craft 10 hoppers, starting with no wood or iron. I spent a good 23 minutes getting everything, which, at least in my opinion, is worth more than the price of buying hoppers in the shop.
Overall, I feel these 3 things are not for the benefit of players so much as for drawing even more players to the Factions server on MineVast. I know that I may have messed some facts up here (as I seem to always do :p ) and I understand that people have other opinions than my own, but these are my thoughts towards making a better Factions server and bringing more publicity to MineVast. Thanx u for reading this!

Jan 3, 2015
Great quality post! I love these ideas and am with every single one! Hope they get implemented!


Jul 4, 2014
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The only thing I can find in the shop that I can sell is food, crop
You can sell all types of ores as well in the shop.

Voting doesn't give enough gems to buy these items unless you would want to wait a long time
There are many different ways of earning gems, and I don't expect anyone to earn them sololy by voting. Some ways include:
Killing monsters
Buying them on our store

I'd say if you have a efficient mob grinder set up, or have an efficiency 5 pickaxe in the nether, you can easily earn enough gems for anything in the Gem Shop. ( Tip: Blazes give more gems than any other mob )

Crafting hoppers is disabled for many obvious reasons.
Most faction servers also do this

I appreciate your suggestions