A Step by Step guide to get more cubits


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Jan 12, 2022
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This method only works if you are new to Islands and have not prestiged there.
( and you also need VIP rank, but you can just ask someone for enough cubits to buy VIP and then /prestige to get cubits and pay them back)
Step 1: Join Islands

Step 2: Get a sword.
You usually start with some beginner iron stuff, including a sword. If you don't have this, then just ask someone for a sword and they'll give it to you because Islands players are Nice.

Step 3: Grind Spiders.
Spiders have a chance to drop spider heads, and are spam-clickable. Some warps on /is (enchanted paper) have mob grinders, and so you can grind there.

Step 4: Sell spider heads at /is warp skylandia.
Go to the small shop-area and look around to find some chests that have a spider head on them. Right-click the signs on them to sell your heads. Some of them are for you to sell 64x or 1x spider heads. Spider Heads sell for 15k each or 1mil per 64x.

Step 5: Buy gear with your money, such as pickaxes and axes.

Step 6: Grind skills with your resources for /prestige

Step 7: Do all the other /prestige stuff

Step 8: Do /prestige

Step 9: Get cubits and be happy and rate this post :) Reply (or rate) to this post if you found this useful

Other ways to get money:
(everything here is on islands btw)
1. There are some free-iron warps to let you get loads of iron and sell it
2. There is an is warp called "profit" in the is warp list
3. Just say that you need money when I'm online :)
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