An OP Headhitter Strategy


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May 29, 2020
I'm pretty sure we all hate headhitter (hh) jumps. They just always seem incredibly hard. The reason for this, is that they're tick perfect. In short, ticks are the game's physics clock, meaning your position is updated every tick or 50ms. (20 ticks in 1 second). A tick too early and you jump while still on the block, hitting the roof. A tick to late and you fall off.
The main distinct ways of performing these jumps are to just run at the end of the block and jump, or to go to the edge and do a hh time of some sort. These can be pretty effective strategies, however they're still tick perfect. This can come as an Issue as for shorter run-ups, you simply won't have enough time to react to see if you get a fast or slow tick. Since each tick is 50ms, there can be a significant delay depending on whether you press w on the start or the end of the block, meaning your movement, is, in a way, randomized. This makes jumps where you have little time to react luck based.
However, there is a solution, a most glorious solution. Although this strat if not applicable with all hh jumps, it is extremely useful for many, as instead of being tick perfect, it has a 1 tick margin of error. This means you have a 50ms interval where you have a 100% chance of success, compared to, say, a hh time, where you have to get millisecond exact in order to ensure a 100% chance. Although the main use of this strategy is to do 1 block momentum (1bm) headhitter jumps, this can be applied to many others.

The strategy is called "pessi hh". Named after a guy called pessi but not invented by them (idk why). Here's how to perform it.
-First of all, you have to use sprint key for this, and this only works with a 2 block celing, however this term is also common alias for the reverse hh timing, and this tecnique is used in non headhitter jumps (eg, 1bm waterchest).

1. Jump
2. When you are falling from the jump, sprint forward (w+sprint). DO NOT RELEASE JUMP. The idea is to hold jump.
3. Success

What makes this strat so beautiful is that it is not luck based or tick perfect. It works as long as you press w 1-2 ticks after you jump. This means that if you press w 50-100ms after you jump, you have a 100% chance, HOWEVER if you press w 0-49 ms or 101-150 ms after jumping, you still have a chance. With a bit of experience, you will be able to recognise when you are doing a wrong timing. This leads to the other major advantage. Since you have a span of 2 jumps, if you do a failed timing (pressing w 0 ticks (jam) or 3 ticks (3 tick) after you jump) , you can catch yourself. This strategy is extremely OP. I was able to get around 150 1 block headhitter momentum 3 block jumps 1 block ups (1hhbm 3+1) in a row.

Here is a demonstration video to showcase this strat.

Show this to skeppy and BBH pls


Mar 13, 2020
This post is great! Thanks for teaching us a strategy for doing headhitters. I love this post but......
I'm pretty sure we all hate headhitter (hh) jumps.
sorry I disagree with this setence lol I love hhs XD