Can I Please Have My Mapper Rank


Active Member
Jul 21, 2015
Dear Fellow Staff Members Of MineVast,
I have been waiting for a very long time now for my mapper rank, and I thought I should bring it to your attention. If I'm correct to achieve the mapper rank you must have 2+ maps added to the parkour server and you get lots of gems for each one two. I have 3 maps added, Minecart and Rails, expert. Crafting Station, insane. Finally, lollipop parkour, medium. You can find each of these maps under the /new section with the names RobotzMan and SwiftLee provided. All I'm asking for is that if you can please give me, RobotzMan, and my partner SwiftLee, our gems and ranks as soon as possible. Thanks for your consideration for reading this message.

Your Soon To Be Mapper,