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Dec 24, 2018
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Your Minecraft Username
Capporo {was CappL changed it}

What server are you applying for

First Name

Country or Timezone

Discord username


Why do you want to become staff?
Being a staff in this server is the world to me, I can change and improve player experience's to keep a realistic and friendly environment. I can also create new events and more challenge to the server to keep everything stable and enjoyable, I am also helpful when people fight I sometimes make solutions and resolve problems. As a staff, I will contribute my time on changing the environment, make more reliable ideas and more Great changes to the game. Make more players interested in this server while maintaining a reliable and enjoyable server

How long have you played on ManaCube?
I played ManaCube since July or August 2018 (survival 105+ hours, kit pvp 75+ hours and Olympus 11 hours)

How many hours a week can you dedicate to Manacube?
I can contribute 4+ hours on weekdays, and 9+ on weekends. or even a Whole day

What skills do you feel you have that will help the server?
I can change the environment to become more stable and reliable and add some boundaries to the server.
I seek knowledge using phycology, Which means that I can read body language and how they interact with me, to detect a lier or a fraud, and I can also differ between a lier and a truthful person, but mostly lies, this server needs more staff members active which I can do, I can stay active the whole day and answer questions and resolve problems and find solutions to make the server more stable.

1. Communication Skills: My skill as a human being to learn how to communicate with other's, this is really important. Communicating with others is must do, because you could learn the players by communicating with them and have a strong relationship with them, by helping them and getting new and great ideas from them which can change the server dramatically.[ Like if someone is bullying players you need to communicate with them to know about his history or what he is going through because he could have a family issue.]

2.Problem Solving Skills: I think solving problems are the ropes to having a better server, because this could resolve some or all bugs in the game and find more fixes for it, and also not just bugs even players who are getting bullied, I can help them by confronting the bully or giving him advises to resolve the problem, and this also has to do with stopping hackers, because this server needs to have fewer hackers which I can do, stop hackers and warning them.

3.Understanding of Human Relationships: This skill is really important, because some players tend to cuss a lot or even bully or hack a lot, but you don't know why they do it maybe they have a family related issue or a mental issue, so that's why communicating with others could help you lean about people more, and have a good tied relationship with them.

4.Critical Thinker: This skill could help the server to get more ideas and more solution etc. And could also add more interest for the players to continue playing, by creating more events and plans, and to be organized because the players could have fun and think that the server is reliable to play.

What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?
I am a student council in school, this means that I have full responsibility on the way students act, and I am a role model for the younger kids who look up to be like me or better, so I am a reliable person to pick and have more responsibilities. In fact, this impacted my life because before I became student council I was not organized and less responsible, so this affected me in both ways mentally and physically.

Mentally: This made me more addicted to becoming responsible, and I am less stressed because I could finish my tasks or jobs on time, and this decreases my chance of getting anxiety.

physically: I am more organized which can lead to having more tasks done much faster, so I can find my items much faster so I can save time in my day cycle and this can help me be more relaxed and less stressed too.

What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?
I think these three attributes are really important

1.Active: I am always active on this server, this is really important because a staff member should always answer questions or resolve a solution, this means staying active gives you more tasks and problems to solve and this is really important for the server. and it creates a huge impact on the server because the players will trust you more and will rely on you a lot.

2.Forgiving: I always forgive my enemies this means, whoever bullied other or bullied me, they have a chance by apologizing and I will 99% forgive him unless he repeated it more than 5times which means he crossed the line. But not all players could be forgiven especially the bullies who want to shame people and want to look cool.
Scenario: If someone is muted because he was using appropriate language or spamming, I will forgive unless he follows the rules, other than that he will be forgiven.

3.Open Minded: I am a person who is open-minded, I like to hear others ideas and thoughts about this server, Which leads to having more events and Ideas, because some players a ton of ideas to do for this server which some staff members should hear and listen to. to create more plans and events to make the players have fun and be challenged [in a good manner]
Scenario: If there is a player that had no chance in talking or speaking with a staff member I will give him a chance to talk and give out his ideas because there is a chance that he has great Ideas to improve and enhance the server.

Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is.
Being a staff member doesn't mean to go around and brag about having the rank. Being a staff member is an Important role to the server. You need to attain the skill to handle responsibility and problems. A staff member is a role model for other players, so he/she should act in a mature and kind manner because some players are looking up to be like her/him. he should have knowledge of every problem because every problem has its solution. A staff member with a lack of knowledge cannot help this server in any way or form, he/she should understand that they should have responsibility and handle every issue. A staff member should also follow and abide the rules such as every player should do and should not violate any rule, and they should not intimidate players by power, they should be respectful like everyone should do. (Staffs are a role model for other players.)

Are you able to use recording software?
yes, I have obs and works well.

Anything else we should know?
I am a dedicated player and I wish to contribute more time to this server as a staff.

And thank you for using your time to read my application :):):mc_386-0:

You are aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application
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