Dueling system. not what we thought.


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Mar 9, 2020
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Well its the 3rd season of Faction and since the dueling system has been added we are doing some real fun :D But there is an issue. All of the real pvp kit that i thought would be added: was not been aded. Wich is quite sad. You must say: What is he talking about its totally fine. Than ye i agree its good, but where are the famous kits? Axes? Gapple? Soup? What about those Lovely kits? I know PotPvP is nice. But sometimes when the internet is bad, (like mine ) the Pots arent healing wich is quite sad. And here the gapple comes in. An awesome kit wich apply to you strength 2 for 8 min and speed 2 for 8 min. 64 gapps and Elite Armor. A slayer sword. For me, if those mods Will be added, i will be addicted to manacube . Hope you agree and support. Yours, xDarkAssasin