[EARTH] Riot System


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Sep 9, 2022
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A riot system would be a way to make sure that randoms don't become town leaders and that people that should be in power ARE in power.

The way this would work is that ANY PLAYER could place town a "Riot Banner" similar to a siege banner, and it would toggle PvP in the town. However, unlike sieges, these would last just 2 hours, and not 72 hours, this way, it's harder to exploit it. Now, when the banner's placed, town residents receive a message in chat:
[Click to become part of the pro-mayor side] [Click to become a rioter]

To determine the "winner" of the riot, it's similar to a siege, where whichever side kills the opposition, they are awarded points. The two camps are rewarded 100 points for every kill, and the first camp to reach 800 points wins. If the pro-mayoral side wins, all the rioters get sent to the town jail, or if the town doesn't have a jail plot set, then the players get kicked from the town; if the rioters win, the person who started the riot becomes mayor and they can choose new town assistants, moderators, etc.
The reason for it being a "first to x" system instead of "most points at the end" is to make it so that riots are quick and don't cause too much bother for those who just want to play the game and don't like PvP, but it also could be used as a way to bypass peaceful towns, because it can be literally impossible to die if a town's peaceful, so this is a way to kind of mitigate that and sort of nerf it.
This Riot System could add a whole new dimension to Earth, and I think it'd be a great addition and would make it more interesting for those who aren't mayor/assistant.