Ender Egg + Elytra + Ender Head+ Dragon Breath = $$?

Sep 21, 2016
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Hey guys! This is PolarisStar from the VileChamps and I just want to tell you guys something:

The VileChamps faction will be fighting the EnderDragon for 50k. Now, this might seem like a ton of money for just fighting the Dragon, but you will also recieve the following items: 1 Elytra, 1 Dragon Egg, 1 Dragon Head, and x32 Dragon's Breath. This deal is actually really good at the fact that Elytra in-game sells for about 30k, the dragon head and egg combined sells for about 40k, and the Dragon Breath (x32) would sell for about 10k. Thats 80k worth of items for only 50k!!!!!! :cool:

Other Notes:
You will not pay for the items until the Ender Dragon is killed and we have counted up all the items.
You do not need to pay for the Ender Crystals, as we can support ourselves on those.
Elytra does NOT come with any enchantment on it.
You are not allowed to interfere during the dragon fight. Breaking this rule will result in denial from making the deal with us permanently and you will become an enemy faction.
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