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Should Factions Wars be implemented in the Factions server?

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Aug 16, 2014
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Careening here, back YET AGAIN with another MineVast server add-in suggestion :D . This time I have a suggestion for the Factions server. The suggestion is that Factions adds in a Faction Wars.

Declaring War:
It works like this: There are 2 factions who are declared enemies. Faction A's leader talks with his/her faction members about a Faction War. Faction A must have at least 5 people in the faction who come on regularly. Then the at least 5 people or more vote on a faction war. If the faction has an odd number of members then it must be majority rules (Ex. 7 people in faction, 4 people must vote yes). If the faction has an even number of people, then at least 50% of people must vote yes (Ex. 10 people in faction, minimum 5 people must vote yes).
If the faction is able to declare war, then all members of faction who said "yes" to war MUST participate in the event. If Faction A gets enough "yes" votes to make a war, then Faction B will be notified that Faction A has enough people to start a war. Then, Faction B talks with its members about agreeing to the war. Again, the process of voting is repeated. Then after Faction B has the same or more amount of "yes" votes the war time will be decided and announced. Notice how I said "or more" with the "yes" votes? Well, if this happens, the extra amount of people who create an unfair advantage will be OP'ed out of the war for this war. In the next war, they can't be OP'ed out. Here's a situation: Faction A has 6 participants and Faction B gets 8. The Faction B leader must pick 2 members out and kick them from the war OR Faction B convinces 2 more of its faction members to join. If a faction member on either side was entered and said they were committed, but cancels at the last second, regardless of the situation, then that faction is punished by having a player disadvantage. This will be the case UNLESS the faction had a player OP'ed out already. Then, the 2 faction leaders talk with one another and to their faction members and decide on an appropriate time and date that everyone can agree on. Then, at last, the war starts.

The Battle:
All faction members who are competing get teleported to an arena/stadium that was either built by the MV Build Team OR was made by players, preferably on the Creative server. Each faction member competing gets these items:
  • Iron Sword (Unbreaking III)
  • Bow + 16 arrows
  • A 1-use only flint and steel
  • Full Iron Armor
  • 64 Steak

The faction LEADER, however, gets these items:
  • Diamond Sword (Unbreaking III)
  • Bow + 20 arrows (Power I)
  • Diamond Helmet
  • Iron Chestplate (Protection I)
  • Iron Leggings
  • Golden Boots
  • 64 Steak

The 2 faction's members start on opposing sides and then charge at each other and fight to the death. When a player dies, his/her items will drop on the ground and anyone can pick them up. This is especially convenient if a player need more arrows or if the faction leader dies and the better armor/weapons are dropped. The war is not allowed to continue for more than 5 minutes and neither faction is allowed to cancel the war in the arena. If the war drags on to the end of the timer (5 minutes) then the war ends in a draw and nothing happens afterwards.

War Verdict:
Once the war has been ended and a faction has won, each member, including the leader, part-taking in the war is rewarded with these prizes (These prizes go to everyone who was in the arena, whether they got kills, died instantly, etc.):
  • 10 gems
  • 5 diamonds
  • 5 iron ingots
  • $600
For each kill ANYONE on either faction gets, these rewards are given to them:
  • 2 gems
  • $50
  • 2 diamonds
  • 2 iron ingots
If any person gets 3 kills or more, these are the rewards*:
  • 9 gems
  • $300
  • 7 diamonds
  • 8 iron ingots
* If a person gets 3 kills or more, they will not receive the additional prizes from the 2nd bullet notes ("each kill" list of prizes)

The winning faction is also given this prize:
  • Additional power x4* (if 7 people were participating in the battle and won, then they would win 28 more power: 7x4=28)
* If the faction already has full power or gains full power and has some extra, then the extra power is deleted is gone forever.

That just about sums up my post! This (in my eyes) sounds like a splendid idea! I can admit to the fact though that this could be a hassle and that it may turn out to be not as popular as intended, but is otherwise worth a shot to see if it works! Again, arenas would have to be built by the MV Build Team or custom made by players on the Creative server. Thanx u! Bye!

~Careening <3

P.S. Look how colorful my name is! Oh mah gawd, so purdy!

P.P.S. You know, reading this over…. geez, I spent way too long typing all this >-<

Hey there! So, I'm reading this in July (this went up in March) and thought about this for a second, and was like, "What about wagers? So, this is what I thought up. Hope you guys like this extra idea and the post as a whole!

Wager Matches:
This is the "Option B" for the type of war. Everything above is "Option A". The "Declaring War" part stays the same, but this is the only difference; after the 2 factions decide they want to brawl, the 2 leaders decide what to wager and put on the line. This might change, but the things that the factions are allowed to wager are (Everything in parenthesis is what the minimum wager is for that particular wager): Money ($5000), Gems (100), Faction Power (undecided), Diamonds (48), Diamond Gear (Tools & Armor; 4 tools, 4 armor pieces), Iron (2 stacks), and Obsidian (64).*** The leaders and ONLY the leaders decide what they want to wager. Leaders DO have to discuss with their faction what they want to wager. Each player involved in the war must add their part to the wager, no matter how small it is. After the wagers are agreed upon and the requirements are met, there will be some command (probably) to take each faction's wagers. If a faction(s) DOES NOT meet the requirements, then the faction that has the most wagers lowers their wager amount to meet that of the other faction's (Faction A wagers $10000 but Faction B wagers $6000. Faction A then is given back their $4000, so now they have only $6000 in the pot. Even if the original requirement was $15000, the rule still applies.) After that, the battle is fought. The winning team then wins EVERYTHING that was wagered, NO EXCEPTIONS. If the battle is called a draw after the 5 minutes are over, both wagers are returned to each faction. Everything included in the "War Verdict" section (see above) still applies.

***P.S. With the different categories, each team must wager a minimum of 2 categories in their wagers (money AND diamonds, gems AND iron)
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Aug 5, 2014
Looks epic ! It would be so awesome that something like this gets implanted into Factions. It could be a good way of replacing the currently broken duel arenas on there. Very great idea, Careening.