Factions Beta Patch Notes


Jul 4, 2014
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Factions Beta Patch Notes
These are the changes that have been made during the 1 week staff beta for Factions Season 3
See original announcement post here: https://manacube.com/threads/factions-season-3.52529/
Countdown to release date: https://itsalmo.st/factions-season-3-qhh2
  • Buffed KOTH loot
  • Removed cubits from vote crate & buffed other rewards a bit
  • Added your factions worth, power & server ranking to sidebar
  • Added colored wool, colored glass, carpets, slabs & fence posts to /shop and /printer
  • Released a new & working combat tag system
  • Added message saying you bypassed spawner tax rate during grace period
  • Added random teleport portals for each world to spawn
  • Increased price of lottery tickets from $5000 to $25,000
  • Disabled AI for all mobs except for Creepers, Ocelots, Withers and Villagers
  • Added live countdowns to the grace period hologram at spawn
  • Sell All button added to Kilton
  • Changed Legendary Armor Set Effects:
    - Deal 1 extra heart of damage
    - Permanent damage resistance effect
    - Permanent haste effect
  • New Kilton Items:
    - Throwable Charged Creeper Eggs
    - /fix all Perk
    - /jellylegs Perk
    - GG Kill Effect Perk
    - 100 McMMO Credits
    - Ocelot Eggs
  • Made a /wild [worldname] command
  • Improved mob stacking
  • /warps now shows all server and player warps
  • Released a new /kit GUI
  • Moving your head will no longer cancel warping
  • Major buff to Legendary Treasure Chest
  • Added Harvester Hoe to store
  • Added Lightning Wand to store
  • Added Chunk Busters to store
  • Added Chunk Hoppers to store

Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed printer anticheat issues
  • Fixed various permission issues
  • Spamming commands shouldn't kick you anymore
  • Heavily nerfed the price of genbuckets & obsidian
  • Fixed Obsidian Shield enchantment
  • No longer lose EXP when dying in Duel Arenas
  • Fixed spawner count sometimes showing 2x more in /f top
  • Fixed water being buggy in nether world
  • Fixed being able to creeper egg koth/warzone areas + fly glitches @ koth
  • Fixed nether portals being spawnable in warzones/safezones