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Nov 3, 2015
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We are really excited to announce this update with a lot of new features, including Mana Outpost, an event that you have all been asking for!

A huge thank you must be given to @abs for collecting and organising player and staff suggestions to make this possible!

Faction Max Members: 10
Faction Roster: 20 (15 members in roster + 5 in faction)
Roster Swaps after grace: 20
Faction Max Alts: 30
Power per player: 250
Power per alt: 0
Shield Length: 16 hours
Max Allies: 0
Max Corners per faction: 1
Cannon Speed: 3 seconds
Buffer Limit: 15 chunks
Map Length: 4 Weeks (April 24th - 22nd May)
Grace Period: 7 Days - Ending Saturday 1st May
First 10 minutes: PvP Immune
First 30 minutes: Fly disabled
First 60 minutes: Random TP/wild disabled
First 60 minutes: Speed disabled
First 3 days: Gkits and equivalent kits are disabled
First 6 days: No Spawner Tax
First 7 days: No Powerloss
First 7 days: No raiding/explosions
Total Worlds: 4
Overworld: 4000x4000 (Flat)
Nether: 3000X3000 (Flat)
Moon: 3000x3000 (Flat)
Mars: 3000x3000 (Flat)
$1000 worth of Paypal Payouts!
Week #1 - Grace
Farming Top Leaderboard (/farming)
#1 - $50 Giftcard
#2 - $25 Giftcard
#3 - $10 Giftcard

Week #2 - Raiding
Factions Top Leaderboard (/f top)
#1 - $200 PayPal
#2 - $150 PayPal
#3 - $75 PayPal
#4 - $50 PayPal
#5 - $25 PayPal

Week #3 - Raiding
Factions Top Leaderboard (/f top)
#1 - $200 PayPal
#2 - $150 PayPal
#3 - $75 PayPal
#4 - $50 PayPal
#5 - $25 PayPal

Week #4 - Limbo
There will be no payouts during the final week, this is a time to just relax, pvp, take part in events and prepare for the next season.


➤ /ce will now show the EXP and EXP level cost of each book
➤ Magic Sand will work faster
➤ Vote Crates - Sand Wands added and mana decreased from 3500 to 2500 and 5000 to 4000.
➤ Duels NPC moved to the left of Outpost Portal
➤ Exchange NPC added to the right of Outpost Portal
➤ Factions now runs the anti-cheat that was released with KitPvP 11 last week.
What makes Manaray special?
➥ Custom. Can make immediate core changes/tweaks to improve it​
➥ Off main thread. Runs silently in background having 0 affect on performance​
➥ Integration. Integrates into various features on the server​
➥ Extensive Checks. There is 4-6 unique check types for every major hack​
➥ Auto Banning. Manaray will ban hackers on it's own. A total & weekly ban stat is visible at spawn​
➥ No interference. Manaray will avoid interfering with gameplay unless to block blatant hacking. Once a minimum threshold is reached the hacker will be banned, and an announcement in chat of that ban.​
We expect Manaray to have 100,000 bans within the first year​

➤ Using a new 'Faction Shards' currency, available from killing Silverfish and the ManaOutpost event, members of a faction can deposit their shards in the faction bank and use them to buy temporary and permanent faction boosters. (There is a faction permission for depositing, removing and using shards to buy upgrades)

➤ Temporary Sell Boosters - 5%, 7% and 10% more profit from selling your items to shop. This will not apply to ManaChunkHoppers+
➤ Permanent Crop Growth Boost - 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 Multiplier
➤ Mob Drop Boost - 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 Multiplier

➤ Chance of drops from silverfish is now 40% [Increase of 5%]
➤ Drops are now 1 ghast tear and 1 faction shard (stat point)
➤ Ghast Tears now go straight into your inventory instead of dropping to the ground
➤ Faction Shards obtained from killing silverfish can be deposited into the factions shard bank and then redeemed for faction boosters.

Mana Outpost is a brand new event, exclusive to factions, where factions compete to control the 'outpost'. It is very similar to KOTH but it runs 24/7 and the cap area is much larger. You can access Outpost through a portal at spawn and exit from outpost will also be through a portal, similar to how Volcano works.


How do you gain control of Mana Outpost?
Mana Outpost will always be in one of five stages: Unclaimed, Claiming, Contested, Claimed and Neutralising.

If the outpost is unclaimed, at least 1 faction member has to enter the cap area. They then have to stay in the cap area for 2.5 minutes to gain control of the outpost. During this time, the faction will be tested, with mob waves that they must survive to remain in the cap area to finish the claiming phase.

If another faction comes into the area during the claiming phase, the 2.5 minute timer will pause, until one of the factions is removed. If the faction that first came into the area successfully remove the other faction, their timer will resume. However, if the other faction kill them, their timer will reset and the other factions 2.5m timer will start.
If multiple factions come into the area, the same rules will apply and the original faction will have to remove them to continue the claiming phase.

Once the faction has claimed control of the outpost, their control time starts and they can either stay in the area to defend against incoming factions or leave the outpost.
Every hour that the outpost is claimed, the faction will receive 1000 Faction shards, which will be automatically deposited into their faction bank and can be used for faction boosters.

If the outpost is claimed, it must be neutralised in order for another faction to gain control. When the outpost is successfully neutralised, it becomes unclaimed and ready for a faction to enter the claiming phase.

To neutralise outpost, a faction must enter the claimed cap area and have at least one member survive in the area for 2.5 minutes to successfully neutralise the outpost. If the faction that have control of the outpost are in the cap area, this may prove difficult because if they successfully kill all the members of the entering faction, the 2.5 minute timer will reset. However, if the faction in control are not present, it is significantly easier.

Whatever phase the outpost is in, whether it is claimed, unclaimed or being neutralised, you can seize control by using an outpost control token. This will give your faction control and can be used from anywhere but we would recommend using while in the cap area!
This token is available in the Party Crate, which can be purchased on the store.


➤ The status of the Outpost will be announced, so keep an eye on these to see when it may be best for your faction to attempt to gain control. [These can be toggled if you do not wish to see them]
➤ If you gain control of the outpost, keep at least one member of your faction in the area on guard for incoming factions. If that member sees players incoming, they can notify their faction so that they can come to defend.
➤ There are silverfish spawners all around the outpost area!

PARTY CRATE:mc_264-0:
We are releasing a brand new crate to the store, the party crate! This is available for $5 a key and contains the following rewards:

➤ Outpost Control Token - Use to gain control of the outpost
➤ Race Change Token - Use to gain permission to change your race
➤ Pinata Flare - Use to spawn a Vote Party Pinata [Information Below]
➤ KOTH Activator - Use to activate one of the 5 KOTHs
➤ Envoy Flare - Use in warzone to drop 25 envoys in the warzone
➤ Chunk Hopper + [Information Below]
➤ FTOP Title


CHUNK HOPPER +:mc_154-0:
Chunk Hopper + provide a brand new collection system for your farms, exclusive to Factions!

Chunk Hopper + collect all mob drops in the chunk that they are placed in. These drops are then stored in the hopper itself, which has unlimited storage!
When right clicking your chunk hopper +, it opens the GUI shown below, which allows you to view how many of each drop you have and right click the individual drop categories to sell all the drops held. For TNT (Creeper drop), when right clicking the category, it will deposit all the TNT into your faction bank automatically.


Chunk Hopper + can be won from our brand new Party Keys (purchasable on the store) or can be bought from Kilton for 5000 souls.

With every 100 votes, a Pinata will spawn somewhere around the tree at spawn. When hit, this pinata will give you a prize from the list below. You can hit the pinata every 3 seconds and it will despawn after it has been hit 20 times.
Pinatas can also be spawned from the Pinata Flare available in the Party Crate (Key available on the store).

Equal chance of them all
➤ 1000 mana
➤ 2000 mana
➤ 3000 mana
➤ Vote sword
➤ $20k
➤ $30k
➤ 1000 exp
➤ 2000 exp
➤ 16 gapples
➤ 10 pig spawners
➤ 5 creeper spawners
➤ 5 blaze spawners
➤ 10 cow spawners
➤ 1 skele spawner
➤ 2 vote keys
➤ 1 ancient key
➤ 8 creeper eggs

➤ Arena has been restyled with a more level ground and welcoming holographic
➤ /diminisher menu has been reworked to provide more information, including a menu showing the diminisher crate loot.

The following quests have been added.

➤ Cane Harvester - Harvest 5000 Cane for 1 quest point, 1 vote key and $50,000
➤ Baker - Craft 100 bread for 1 quest point, 1 vote key and 5 common enchantment books

➤ Active 2 - Play for 20 hours for 3 quest points, 3 vote keys and $100,000
➤ Trader quest has been changed from requiring 750 villagers to 250.

You can now exchange your mana for Money and EXP. The rates are as follows:
➤ 10,000 mana for $2,000,000
➤ 20,000 mana for 30 EXP Levels


The Mana Exchange is available via NPC at spawn or using /exchange.

➤ KOTHs can be activated at any time using a KOTH flare from the Party Crate
➤ Anti Knockback Boots added as a reward

Anti Knockback Boots are Protection 10, Unbreaking 10 Black leather boots and when worn, enable you to receive no knock back and instead bounce up when hit. These are fantastic for limiting the impact of high knockback items.

Best of luck to all the factions playing this upcoming season!:mc_401-0:


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cool I literally know nothing about factions this makes so much sense :D


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cool I literally know nothing about factions this makes so much sense :D
Make a base place spawners to get ftop raid people and take their spawners so they lose ftop, also you use cannons they are very fun!