Factions Season 9


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Nov 3, 2015
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Faction Max Members: 10
Faction Roster: 25 (15 members in roster and 10 in faction)
Faction Max Alts: 30
Power per player: 200
Power per alt: 0
Max Allies: 0
Max Corners per faction: 1
Cannon Speed: 3 seconds
Buffer Limit: 25 chunks
Map Length: 4 Weeks (November 21st - December 19th)
Grace Period: 7 Days - Ending Friday 27th November
First 15 minutes: PvP Immune
First 30 minutes: Fly disabled
First 60 minutes: Random TP/wild disabled
First 60 minutes: Speed disabled
First 7 days: No Spawner Tax
First 7 days: No Powerloss
First 7 days: No raiding/explosions
Total Worlds: 4
Overworld: 4000x4000 (Flat)
Nether: 3000X3000 (Flat)
Moon: 3000x3000 (Flat)
Mars: 3000x3000 (Flat)
Week #1 - Grace
Farming Top Leaderboard (/farming)
#1 - $50 Giftcard
#2 - $25 Giftcard
#3 - $10 Giftcard

Week #2 - Raiding
Factions Top Leaderboard (/f top)
#1 - $100 PayPal
#2 - $75 PayPal
#3 - $50 PayPal
#4 - $30 PayPal
#5 - $20 PayPal

Week #3 - Raiding
Factions Top Leaderboard (/f top)
#1 - $100 PayPal
#2 - $75 PayPal
#3 - $50 PayPal
#4 - $30 PayPal
#5 - $20 PayPal

Week #4 - Limbo
There will be no payouts during the final week, this is a time to just relax, pvp and prepare for the next season.


➤ Implants enchant has been removed and replaced with Satisfied Enchant. This enchant will restore your hunger
➤ Cactus Enchant removed
➤ Alts no longer give faction power
➤ Tnt will now be despawned upon hitting a world boarder.
➤ F warps in over claimed land will now delete themselves
➤ Truce/Ally chat has now been removed
➤ /f open permission can now be adjusted in faction perms
➤ You can no longer claim outside of the world boarder with /f claim radius
➤ When TNT is used in bases, it will now only disable gen buckets in the base chunk and surrounding claims
➤ Ghast spawner replaced with creeper spawner in kit mystery
➤ Duels - Sumo item has changed to a fish without knockback.
➤ Duels - PotPvP kit now has 16 enderpearls instead of 4
➤ Cow Spawners have been added to /shop [All cows will drop 1 raw beef and 1 leather]
➤ Beef, Steak and Leather has been added to /shop
➤ Cane prices have been lowered
➤ Cosmetic Crate has been updated with a new chat color, titles and a space blaster


All players will now join a faction through the roster. The roster works as a waiting list to join a faction. A faction can add 15 players to a roster (/f roster invite name) and these players can then run /f roster join to join the faction. If the faction is full, the most inactive member of the faction will be kicked out into the roster. Faction and roster members can move infinitely between the faction and the roster. This means that factions are technically 25 man.

When in a roster, the player is in a limbo state and cannot join any other faction or factions roster. They also do not count as a member of the faction they are in the roster for. This means that they cannot raid with the faction, do KOTH etc. If roster members do act as a member of a faction, they will be punished under teaming or multi-raiding rules.

Faction perms allow faction members to configure who can add players to the roster and if /f join for roster players is enabled/disabled.

During grace, a faction can kick people from the roster unlimited times, but after grace they are limited to only 15 kicks. This ensures that they cannot rotate an excessive amount of players into the faction. Players leaving the roster through /f leave will also count towards these 15 kicks.

/f invite - To invite a player to your factions roster
/f deinvite - To remove an invite sent to a player for the roster
/f roster kick - To kick a player from your factions roster
/f join [or f roster accept] - To accept a roster request
/f join [or f roster join] - To join a faction from the roster


➤ KOTHs are no longer daily and will only occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays
➤ KOTH Cap areas have been increased by 1-2 blocks squared.
➤ AlienOutpost map has been changed to AlienHQ where the cap area is underground!
➤ KOTH Loot has been reformatted and improved


➤ Added Sumo Fish with Knockback 2
➤ Updated Slayer Armour
➤ Added 3 Large Money Pouches
➤ Added another Mystery Spawner
➤ Added 64 Obsidian Horizonal and Vertical Gen Buckets
➤ Removed Diamond Hoe
➤ Removed Diamond Shovel
➤ Removed TNT
➤ Removed 5 Creeper Spawn Eggs
➤ Removed 2x Vote Keys
➤ Removed MVP+ Sword
➤ Removed 2 fire res pots


➤ Harvester Hoe prices & requirements have been reworked
➤ All players spawn with an infinite uses hoe and you can no longer purchase this hoe on /kilton (/kit starter for a replacement hoe)


➤ All quests which could not be completed have been removed
➤ Kill 100 players in warzone quest has been adjusted to kill 75.
➤ 'Let them read' - Craft 1000 books - 3 Quest Points, $200k, 2 Vote keys
➤ 'Volcanic Silverfish' - Kill 500 silverfish - 1 Quest Point, $80k, 1 Vote Key
➤ 'Omni Miner' - Mine 10,000 Netherrack - 3 Quest Points, 32 obsidian vertical buckets, 1 ancient key
➤ 'Omni Miner' - Mine 7,500 Red Sandstone - 3 Quest Points, 32 obsidian vertical buckets, 1 ancient key
➤ 'Omni Miner' - Mine 5000 Endstone - 3 Quest Points, 32 obsidian vertical buckets, 1 ancient key
➤ 'Omni Miner' - Mine 1000 Obsidian - 3 Quest Points, 32 obsidian vertical buckets, 1 ancient key


➤ Fixed Envoys not working
➤ 25 Envoys will now spawn every 3 hours [instead of 20]
➤ Some Envoys now spawn further out into the warzone
➤ New rewards have been added (Chunkhoppers, MVP kit, pig/cow spawners, 5000 mana)



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