[Guide] top ways to earn money


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Dec 2, 2018
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Hey, I see a lot of people typing in chat and asking what the most efficient way to earn money is. I am actually new to skyblock but I am og player I played on another server back in 2013 so I know a lot of smart ways :) but here is my top 5 tips and tricks to get much money as a new player.

Profit shops
This is an easy way but for those people who doesn’t know what a profit shop is I’ll explain.
So basically it’s a shop where you buy a thing and can sell more expensive in /shop. This will make you money. Just simply ask in chat “who got a profit shop”.

You should also start making auto farms as well, you shouldn’t start with the expensive ones such as ig farms. Here is a list of what farms that you can start with:
Cactus farm
Sugar cane farm
Melon/pumpkin farm
To build this just search up a tutorial on YouTube and you should learn :)

You should vote daily since you get cubits and vote crates and in the vote crates you get stuff you can sell for money and the cubits are worth irl money, so you can sell the cubits for a lot of money. 1 cubit = 1 USD (US dollar). To vote simply type /vote and click all the 5 links :)

Public grinders
You should also go to public grinders and farm things there like /warp sgrind made by @Slime_Lord101. Once you are there move straight forward and kill mobs then go inside and sell the heads you have gotten. Please comment your or other public grinders down below and what people can farm there.

Ah hunting
So this is basically when you type /ah and trying to find cheap stuff and then you resell with a higher price to make profit. Some things that’s easy to resell is spawners. So like every 5-10 min check /ah for cheap stuff to resell.

Thanks for reading this guide hope it helped some of you guys. I made this since I want to help the community. Have a good day <3


Aug 25, 2017
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Thank you for these amazing tips! Although I am not new to skyblock nor Manacube, I still think this is very helpful!