How To Get The Most Out Of Your Plot!


Dec 11, 2018
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Hi! Since many players only have 1 plot in Olympus due to them having no donator rank I decided to make a brief post on how to get the most out of your plot!

I highly suggest digging your plot out, down to bedrock. This is a frustrating task but extremely worth it. It gives you an extra 64 levels on room to work with when building on your plot. Even though this is currently bugged, in the future consider turning on instabreak (/p set instabreak true) to make the clearing out process faster and cheaper. You can also ask your friends to help or even pay other players to help you. I find that paying players x amount of mana per hour is the most attention grabbing offer that many are willing to do.

With your plot now cleared out you can build storage space, farms, rooms, or an area to complete achievements in. My personal plan is to make a ground cactus farm as tall as I can while allowing for room around build height to create a platform large enough for me to have small mob grinders, to upgrade my slayer level. As well a room to complete the achievements that are needed to ascend. It can be extremely annoying but planning out your plots lay out ahead of time can help save you time and frustration later on. If you build a messy plot to start with you are just going to have to /p clear it and start all over again, and no one wants to do that.

Another thing I suggest is to walk or fly around the plot world and get an idea of what others are doing, this will allow you to draw inspiration and make better choices earlier on. It can also teach you on how to build certain things, such as farms.