Ideas for next Season of Factions


May 13, 2018
Edit: Apologies if it looks like i posted this twice, was just movingthis post to the appropriate thread
Okay, so. I had a few ideas that I think would implement nicely into the next season.

Idea #1: Allow spawners to be stacked. (In the sense of if u place a spawner on top of another one they like combine, almost like how the mobs stack) I feel this would make it easier to have a lot more of a factions value placed at one time, as well as making everything more compact and nicer(in the sense of base design, can give more creativity to how a base can look)

Idea #2: Changing the world generation to a mix of flat and normal. Yes I know this has been discussed already but I wanted to state an opinion. The Flat world is nice for base building, yes this is true, but its not always easy for newer players to start off in it. I've seen quite a few of the newer players to factions complain about the whole world being flat. My suggestion would be a mix of the both, where some areas are flattened(Maybe the borders for easier base building?) and some areas are normal terrain. It gives people more of a challenge when it comes to building a nice base.

Idea #3: More factions staff/updated anti-cheat. I know the factions staff does their best to fix false bans and ban people who need to be, but there are very noticeable flaws in the anti-cheat. Me and a few other people have been kicked by the anti-cheat for doing the simplest of things, some even temp banned for them. One person I play with recently got banned for placing hoppers in their base(I know it sounds weird, believe me, I know). I'm not sure if it was an issue of placing them too fast or something, but the anti-cheat ban message on his screen wouldn't even say what he was banned for. It simply just says for cheating.
I understand yall are doing your best but this faulty anti-cheat is making people want to quit the server. Yes it works most of the time but the times it doesn't make it hard for me and some others to do anything without fear of being kicked by the anti-cheat.

Idea #4: Have a Payout right at the end of the season. I know it sounds a bit odd but I think it would offer a more competitive way of looking at it. I only suggest this because once Payouts are done everyone kind of just quits the server. There is no incentive at the end of a season to even play. When I log in now I see a maximum of maybe 10 people online ever. It's kind of sad actually. It doesn't have to be a massive Payout, it could be something small like a small amount of cubits or something, or maybe a seasonal item(Incentive for the next season). I would have to plan it out and explain more but I believe it would be great.

Apologies if you do not agree with these ideas, they are my own opinions after all lol.

If you take the time to read all these ideas, thanks for listening and feel free to give opinions!