I'm bishypig

Jun 9, 2021
okay so, I saw other people doing this, and it looked fun so I wanted to try it out too >_>
Hi, I'm bishypig =D. I play a lot of minecraft, usually going on some servers and trying out different minigames. I'm a very new player to manacube and have only been playing for about two days? I actually DID play before, but I used to only play the parkour on manacube =p. I guess you could say I main skyblock? That's the game I play on manacube the most, even though it can be confusing sometimes @[email protected] When I'm in t h e r e a l w o r l d I'm usually watching videos on youtube, watching anime, or hanging out with family =D! My favourite anime is Demon slayer, and my favourite anime movie atm is probably "I want to eat your pancreas" or the demon slayer movie :p. My favourite youtuber at the moment would probably be either technoblade or tamago2474 (But I change favourites a lot lolz). My favourite animal atm would probably be a pig, axolotl, or raccoons! And that's not all about me, if you wanna know more about me then I guess you can check my profile, I have a lot of my interests on my about page =D. Thanks for reading if you did, and bye =D. :mc_38-7: