Mana PVP - KitPvP Season 10

Jul 4, 2014
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Hello everyone! Excited to announce KitPvP will be revamped and renamed to Mana PVP! It's the first reset/update in 2 years.. and it's a big one.
Over 200 hours have gone into this update, a complete recode from the ground up with tons of new features & improvements. Can't wait for it to release :D

Staff beta will start this Friday, and Elite Beta will be opening sometime early-mid next week.

The official release date is February 1st 2020 @ 1:00PM EST

Like + comment username to enter giveaway (Giving away 10 cubits to 10 winners)


It is time for a new map. Will miss our current map but we've been using it for too long. We can always bring it back for special events like anniversaries and stuff for nostalgia though :)
The new map has a central location you can drop down to from spawn.​
Travel West for the Penguin Village​
Travel East to enter Polis - an Olympus themed hub​
Travel South through the forest to reach the Great Lake and pirate strongholds.​
and finally North is a radioactive-apocalpytic overgrown bridge and crash sites​
These were the top voted themes on our community survey. The map is also just about the same size in total as the old map.​
Sneak peeks (Also watch trailer to see more of the map)
(There are multiple pictures, click the arrow on the gallery to browse)​
Secret Shops
There is 3 secret shops hidden around the map​
  • Mermaid Merchant
    Will sell you Diamond Axes, Night Vision, Invisibility Pots, Water Breathing Pots & Leaping Pots
  • Bone Dealer
    Will sell you cheaper fishing rods, mushroom soups, boats, splash poison, and of course a bone
  • Penguin Shop
    Will buy the fish you catch. Price is based on their rarity/length
Secret Shops are not a safezone though, so be cautious​

Mana Fairies
There are (so far) 20 Mana Fairies hidden in secret spots & easter egg locations
Click to discover them and receive 50 Mana! You must also find them all to complete an achievement​
Here is what they look like:​
Talk to the Mana Fairy Queen at spawn to see which fairies you have found and which are still missing​


All the kits have been updated to be balanced and now also show their exact defense & damage capabilities. Kit items cannot be repaired or combined in anvils.​
1 Kill now rewards you with $100, and shop prices have been updated & balanced accordingly. Diamond is now also purchasable, while the price of iron has been reduced​
Mana is no longer given on level up and is also not tradeable anymore, but instead can received from: Achievements, Kill Streaks, Discovering Mana Fairies, Daily Rewards, Prestiging and KOTH wins.​
Spend your mana on the new updated black market​
New rewards include: Money Pouches, Kill Effects, 3 additional bank vaults, Ancient Treasure Keys & my favourite: Nuke the server!​

Specific enchantments can now also be purchased with money @ the Enchanter NPC. You can still use vanilla enchantment tables to upgrade your gear as well for a cheaper but more RNG approach.​


Leveling up through levels 1-99 costs 50 PVP XP per level. Getting a kill grants you 10 XP, and getting an assist gives 5 XP.​

Once you have reached level 99 you can complete a prestige challenge​
Prestiging will grant you various perks such as bonus bank vaults, XP boosters, private arenas, Mana & more.​
You can also compete on the prestige leaderboard, and there is no limit to how many times a person can prestige.​


Since teaming will always happen we've decided to make it official and enforce some new rules with it.​
For 400 mana, you can create a Squad

Your squad can have a total of 4 members, and these 4 members are allowed to team together.​
Features that come with a squad include:​
- Squad Chat​
- Squad Tag & Name​
- Squad Stats & Leaderboards​
- Squad Vault (Shared bank vault)​
You are not allowed to team with other squads. If you are not in a squad you may only team with 1 other person.​
Punishment will be warnings and then a temporary ban if this rule is broken.​


You can now set bounties on other players heads. Anyone can can claim a bounty, and can also purchase a Bounty Hunter compass to track their target!​
If a player reaches a high kill streak, the server will automatically set a bounty on that players head as well.​
Your total bounties completed is tracked and you can claim milestone rewards​


Once you've prestiged at least once, you can create your own pvp arena! You can make your arena private or public, and anyone will be able to come to it if you're online. Arenas with the most likes will be displayed at the top in the /arena GUI​
Building blocks can be purchased from the Arena Shop. If your arena is private, XP, Stats & Money will be disabled from kills to prevent boosting.​
For more information, type /arena


60 achievements can be completed, varying from total kills, winning a KOTH, enchanting x amount of items, max EXP level reached, x items repaired, distance traveled, fairies discovered & lots more.​

Every achievement you complete will reward you with Mana. Completing all achievements is also a requirement for one of the Prestige Challenges.​
View the achievements with /achievemenets or /a for short.​


Challenge other players to a duel and stake money. You will be teleported to a selected arena fight with whatever you have equipped/in inventory, but will keep your inventory on death.​
You can also duel against other squads!​

There are 4 endermen located around the map. Bring x amount of "Magic Crystals" to them to unlock teleporting to that region. When you teleport to that region of the map, you will spawn in the sky falling down in a random location in that set area (to prevent spawn camping)​
You can obtain magic crystals from /kit supplies (Everyone can use every 8 hours) and /kit enderman also gives some. You can also trade other players for them.​

When a KOTH (King of the Hill) event starts, players can teleport to a random location that is relatively close to the capture point​
The first person to enter the capture point is the KOTH leader. If they can hold the point for 4 minutes, (subject to change) they win the event.​
If they are knocked out of the capture area or killed, the person who knocked/killed them is the new leader and the capture time resets.​

There will be a set schedule for koth times. Join a squad to have a better chance at winning this event​


Damage Indicators
Show how much damage you're dealing against your opponent. Also displays their health in your action bar​
Anti Loot Stealing
Loot from players you kill will have your name assigned to it for 10 seconds. Only you can pick up this loot. After 10 seconds your name will be removed and anyone will be able to pick it up​
After 10 seconds:​
Kit Available Notifications
When a kit comes off cooldown (besides default kit), you will receive a notification and sound alert​
Pickup Filters
You can select which items you want and don't want to pick up by typing /filter
FPS Optimizations
We've designed the map and arenas to perform smoothly on lower end computers. We've also reduced unnecessary particles/effects and entity loading to improve FPS.​
If you assist in a kill, you will now receive half the XP of a regular kill and 20% of the money from a regular kill​
Cooldown Timers
A timer of how many seconds left on Ender pearl cooldown and Combat tag cooldown is displayed in your action bar.​


Buy and sell items from other players on the Auction House!​
Type /ah to access​

  • Improved Anticheat
  • New freeze system
  • Improved CPS checker
  • Improved Aura checker
  • Faceless - Allows staff to disguise as a made up username
We are looking to expand our PVP staff team! (since we plan on having many more players and hackers after this update is released)
Apply @​


Fishing has been revamped to where you can catch over 30 unique fish. Each fish has a random range in size, and that size determines how much you can sell it for. You can sell your fish at the secret Penguin Shop​
The legendary Blue Shark can be caught and eaten for a strength boost, and the legendary Pygmy Whale can be caught and eaten for full health restore.​
(These also can be sold instead to the Penguin Shop for big $$$)​

Things may be changed/tweaked during the betas
  • Server is 1.8 obviously (Because I know some people will ask)
  • Can now own up to 12 bank vaults. You can also name each of your vaults to organize them better! The name of your vault will be shown in the /bank GUI. Type /vault rename [vault] [name]
  • Marriage system added
  • Hunger disabled, no more food
  • Will receive Regen 2 effect for 3 seconds when you get a kill
  • Combat tag timer is 20 seconds, using an ender pearl will reset your combat timer
  • Ender Pearl cooldown is 5 seconds
  • Vanilla mechanics for anvils & enchantment tables
  • Max gear is Diamond Protection 3
  • Max Sword is Diamond Sharpness 3
  • Global sound effects for killstreaks
  • New kill effects that can be unlocked
  • Hat system removed (You can still /hat items if you want)
  • Mushroom Soup = 3 instant hearts
  • Online player with the highest current kill streak is shown in tab
  • Legendary Treasure Chest released + Ancient Treasure Chest revamped

We will be actively supporting the server with tournaments & updates after this is released. We are also going to be promoting the server through youtubers to make sure there is always a lot of people online.

Next big update.. Skyblock


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Love to see that kit is getting some attention! Can’t wait for the new season, looks super dope! Hype hype


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