ManaCube Weekly [Week 3]


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Apr 2, 2021
ManaCube Weekly
Hello and welcome back to ManaCube Weekly! Quite a lot has happened in the past 7 days and we will be going over all that in this week's post! This week I have decided to remove Post Of The Week, Instead, I will write a small description on a few posts that I think should be covered. Also, I really need some help with ManaCube Weekly If you are interested Dm me here on discord, My tag is Hetti#8829.
As always I would love any suggestions or ideas and if you want to be interviewed for ManaCube Weekly dm me here!
Please make sure to do the quiz this week because no one did it last week :(
If you have any Builds, Parkour maps, or art and want it to be featured in next week's post dm me here!
Anyway, have fun reading!

ManaCube Weeky Quiz!
Theme: Parkour

What is the most completed parkour map in the easy section?
A: Creeper
B: Classic Mario
C: Cake
D: Lucky Block

Which Leaderboards are not a thing?
A: Monthly Prestiges
B: Monthly Score
C: Hours played
D: Adventure maps completed

What Parkour rank comes before good?
A: Adept
B: Regular
C: Amateur

That's it for this week's quiz! Hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did making it!

Server News
This week a lot has happened! From Events to SneakPeeks we have it all here!

The May Build Competition has been announced and will be open for builds from the 2nd of May to the 9th! The theme this month is Cinco De Mayo! Make sure to join in using /warp bc on the creative server!

ManaCube Monthly Post
The monthly post has been sent out! It goes over certain stats, Big changes to the server, and of course the Staff Of The Month has been announced with other info about promotions and payouts! In the post they have also announced the top voters and for 7 days you will get Double voting rewards when you vote!

Pokemon Treasure Chest
The Pokemon Treasure Chest is a limited-edition treasure chest the only lasts this month!
here are the prizes that you can win from the treasure chest!
Snorlax Pet (Pet AI improved) Charizard Wings (Wardrobe Update) Pikachu Plushie (Wardrobe Update) Groudon Sword (Custom Abilities) Charizard Bow (Custom Abilities) Excadrill Pickaxe (Custom Abilities) Kyogre Axe (Custom Particles) Bulbasaur & Eevee Hat Title Bundles Join Messages, Chat Colors & More
At the end of the month, the person who opens the most Pokemon Treasure Chest will get a special Title!

There was a poll by IPenguinI asking if the Forum Games section should count as posts, Most people have voted that posting in Forum Games posting should not be counted as "posts" You can vote here!
Violentx made a new post asking ManaCube staff questions about their experience on ManaCube! It's a great post and I recommend you check it out here!
Small Server Updates/Fixes

All types of mobs can now drop their heads!
You now need to click q two times to drop boss eggs.
You cannot place furniture in mines anymore.
Item's special abilities will no longer be removed when turned into Netherite!
Fragment drops are now 2x more common from spawners.
Fragment and cubit repairing prices for spawners have been halfed.
April Payouts have been sent out!

/koth top has been fixed.
Fishing announcements can be toggled on and off using /fish messages on/off
You can no longer spam commands to be force kicked while in combat

Fly is disabled at the outpost and KOTH locations!
The issue that was stopping duels to begin has been fixed!
The outpost now gives you 1000 shards for every hour capped.
/koth top has been fixed!
There is now a new GUI for /outpost!
Tnt now deposits into the factions using ManaChunkHoppers+.
Keep Inv is no longer enabled at the outpost.

A scroll bar has been added for large signatures.
The forum's website loads 3x faster!
new wardrobe menu server-wide!
equipped hats will now sync on all hubs!


Server Stats:
Most players on at once this week: 2,164, 75 players more than last week.
Total players joined: 3,337,528, 20155 more than last week.
Total bans: 95,802, 537 more than last week.
Cubits in circulation: 77,184, 534 less than last week.
Total hugs: 2,628,193, 22324 more than last week.

Social Media Stats:
Twitter followers: 1,527, 4 less than last week.
Instagram followers: 978, 7 less than last week.
Discord members: 42,989, 150 more than last week.

Forum Stats:
Forum Threads: 38,668, 187 more than last week.
Forum Posts: 194,827, 974 more than last week.
Forum Accounts: 63,365, 336, more than last week.
(all stats were recorded at 7 am est 2nd of may)

This week we have 3 interviews!
Thanks to @Sonic_Raptor, @Uduntreal and @Babalee for being interviewed!

When did you first start playing
ManaCube and what gamemode do you mainly play?

I Started playing just after Season 5 Survival Started.

What makes you want to play multiplayer survival instead of normal singleplayer survival?
I like talking and interacting with people.

If you could make one change to survival what would it be?
I’d remove spawner and hopper limits. The lag sucked but the game play was more interesting.

What was your funniest moment on ManaCube?
I Had A lot of funny moments probably random conversations with people like Pesto, Anxi, Madi and Kam.

Did you think you would be accepted when you applied for staff?
Thought i was going to be accepted the second time i applied but didn't happen till the 4th time
Is a Oreo a cooke or biscuit?

What made you want to play ManaCube parkour instead of other servers?
I actually just Googled "Good Parkour Servers" back in November and this was at the top of the list. I was just getting back into minecraft again and I'm happy this server was the server I went with.

Whats the most exciting moment you have had on ManaCube?
My most exciting moment was when I was gifted MVP by a certain TigerTwist, that was certainly a lot of fun <3. Another exciting thing, especially right when I was getting started, was meeting all of the great friends I have today.

Have you tried any other gamemodes other then parkour and what did you think of them?
I've actually just stuck to parkour, but I've been thinking about branching out recently.

Whats your biggest achievement on ManaCube?
I haven't done much in terms of achievements and I don't usually try to rank up, but I guess at the moment getting to the Master rank would be my biggest achievement.

Whats your favorite part of parkour?
My favorite part of parkour is definitely talking with everyone. It's a lot of fun to zone out of the gameplay and focus in on the conversation.

When did you first join ManaCube and how did you find the server?
I joined manacube for the first time in late October, and although I am not proud of it, I found the server because of Dream. :/

What made you want to play parkour the most instead of the many other gamemodes?

I was wanting to do Minecraft parkour on a server for a while, and I remembered that Dream made a video about one. In fact, I didn't even though that manicure had other game modes for a few weeks!

What rank on Parkour are you and how long did it take you to get it?

I am currently insane rank on parkour at the time of this interview, but when it comes out, I will have become champion and prestiged!

What is your favorite parkour/dropper map and why?
My favorite parkour map are the medium map screwbot and the insane map no-face. I actually tested screwbot and it was the first map that was accepted that I had tested, and I just love the build and parkour style. No-face I love even more. It is one of the best builds I have ever seen and just as fun parkour. It is currently by far the hardest map I have ever completed!

If you could add or remove something in Parkour what would it be and why?

If I had to remove something, it would be the ability that you can't send more than one friend request to someone. It is quite annoying!

What is your favorite part of ManaPvP?

ManaPvP is just something to try out when I get bored with parkour, which isn't much! Or I just feel like playing it. I love pvp, and the server is really nice! My favorite part is when I get a kill and since I am not very good at pvp, it feels extra special.

That's it for this week! Thanks to everyone who got interviewed and thank you for reading it: D
Have a good day and check the first comment on this post!​


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Apr 2, 2021
Remember if you would like to help me with ManaCube Weekly lmk by starting a conversation here! Also if you want your build, art or something you have made featured in the next post dm me here! Again thanks for reading! (btw I really need some help so if you want to PLEASE dm me : D )


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