Minor Factions Problem ~Careening

Aug 16, 2014
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Hello, everyone, once again! Careening here! This is definitely one of the shorter suggestions on my end, but I feel it is important to note it and bring it up to the community. This is about leaves form trees on the Factions server. Fo whatever reason, when a tree is broken, the leaves will never disappear unless a person cuts them down. This is a big problem to some people because if they decide they want to build a house/base in the middle of a forest, or somewhere next to a eve system or something along those lines, that means they would have to cut down all the trees but also cut down the outrageous number of leaves there. This is a very tedious task to do, and even if you do have sheers to cut them down quicker, where are you going to put the leaves then? Also, a reoccurring message in chat serves as a reminder the you should "Respect the Environment: Replant trees when broken!" (or something along those lines, anyways). Only thing is, you can't replant the trees when a roof of leaves is in your way! I know that there is probably a reason for the staff turning leaves despawnation (is that a word? Meh.) off, probably for lag purposes, but I feel even if it causes a tiny bit of lag, it would be worth it so that leaves would despawn on there own. Staff, if you are reading this, please let leaves despawn! Thanx u! Bai!

~Careening <3